Taye Drums MetalWorks Single Pedal

The Taye MetalWorks Bass Drum Pedals are built to provide the essence of what you feel in each and every performance. You start with its quick response to what your foot tells it. Then take a look at the pedal itself. The steel finished footboard gives the player’s foot a perfect target and plenty of room for placement each and every time along with the smooth feel of the new heel plate hinge system. The footboard depth adjustment beneath the footboard is where drummers can loosen one simple wing nut to adjust the depth of the footboard to customize the feel of the pedal. Next at the cam pitch adjustment, one can loosen two allen screws rolling them forward or back to adjust the pitch of the pedal creating a customized punch to the pedal. Now over to the right is where the beater can be pushed nearer or further from the head by a simple adjustment of the beater depth adjustment. There at the beater adjustment is the Dual Headed Adjustable Beater to find the perfect sound for every beat. There at the spring assembly is where the power lies. In the red zone, you will find a roller bearing to push your pedal in to high gear.  Also, there is where you can adjust the distance from the beater to the head with a simple allen screw adjustment. Then make sure it stays attached to your bass drum hoop with the new design of the reliable hoop clamp design. Last, but not least, is the new Stick Caddy for those who always need something nearby when the show calls for it.

The double bass drum model (TMW-D) can be converted to a left handed model without too much of a problem featuring Taye Drums’ Configuration Friendly - for every rhythm method. We make everything for everyone in every price range.

Available in either the TMW single pedal ($299, Retail) or the TMW-D double pedal ($649, Retail). You can adjust yourself INTO this pedal.

For more information about Taye Drums products, visit www.tayedrums.com.