Danny Seraphine

Danny Seraphine, born Daniel Peter Seraphine on August 28, 1948, in Chicago, Illinois, was raised in Little Italy and began to play the drums at age nine after watching his uncle play the drums at family gatherings. By the time he was twelve, Danny was playing in a variety of rock bands and, at the age of fifteen, met Walt Parazaider (woodwinds) and Terry Kath (guitar) during an audition for Jimmy Ford and the Executives.

After being let go from Executives, Seraphine, along with Parazaider and Kath, joined up with Chuck Madden's cover band called the Missing Links. It was during this time that Danny began his studies with Bob Tilles at DePaul University. After leaving DePaul, Seraphine continued his studies under Chuck Flores, former drummer for Maynard Ferguson and Woody Herman.

In March of 1967, Seraphine, Parazaider and Kath, along with other musician's they had met at DePaul University, formed a "supergrou" — at first called The Big Thing, but eventually renamed as the Chicago Transit Authority. Once producer James Guercio got the band to Los Angeles where they recorded their first album, a double LP, in just two weeks. Soon after the album's release, the band's name was shortened to just Chicago.

Danny Seraphine has always been known for his fast chops and inspiring creativity — effortlessly finding his way around the drumset. Several early Chicago tracks that showcase his playing include "25 or 6 to 4," "Devil's Suite," "Now More Than Ever," "Motorboat to Mars," "Skin Tight," and "Make Me Smile".

Seraphine later got into writing lyrics and actually ended up penning some Chicago hits, such as "Little One," "Take Me Back to Chicago," "Show Me the Way," "Birthday Boy," "Street Player" and "Aloha Mama."

Danny Seraphine - Chicago (1970)

After his dismissal from Chicago in March, 1990, Seraphine went on to produce as well as work with a variety of Broadway musical and theatrical projects.

In 2007, Seraphine began performing again with his new group, California Transit Authority (CTA). They released a CD entitled Full Circle, which is a mix of fusion and lively Chicago remakes. The band performs live from time to time and is developing a strong following.

In October 2010, Danny published Street Player: My Chicago Story, a 281-page autobiography about his life as co-founder of the legendary rock band, Chicago. He also has a new DVD, The Art of Jazz Rock Drumming, which was released in January, 2011 by

Danny's diverse drumming influences include Buddy Rich, Tony Williams, Mitch Mitchell, Elvin Jones, Grady Tate, Ringo Starr and Hal Blaine. He continues to give drum clinics around the globe, as well as perform with his band, CTA, who has their second album due to be released some time in late 2011.

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