Ed Toth

Nashville based drummer Ed Toth is best known for his work with the band Vertical Horizon, and his current work The Doobie Brothers.

Ed first started playing drums when he was six years old — listening to his father's diverse record collection which ranged from The Ventures and Wes Montgomery to the Beatles and Jimmy Smith.

Growing up in East Lyme, Connecticut, Ed seized every musical opportunity he could find while in school, learning to listen and play in an ensemble while performing with the high school marching band as well as the drum and bugle corps. After high school, Ed attended the University of Miami, graduating in 1994 with a Bachelor of Muisc degree. "That place was incredible," says Ed. "I learned as much outside of the classroom as I did in it." That outside experience included an original band, Jennifer Culture, where Ed played funk-rock fusion with a variety of international influences. Ed says of the band, "We were so determined to play music for a living."

In pursuit of his music dream, Ed moved to Boston in 1995 and, soon thereafter, joined Vertical Horizon. In his nine years with the band, Ed achieved a multi-platinum hit, Everything You Want, as well as winning three Billboard awards. "The Vertical Horizon experience was an amazing one," says Ed. "I got to fulfill a lot of my dreams and travel the world all because of being involved with such great music. It was truly extraordinary."

Despite his success with Vertical Horizon, Ed left the band in 2005 and soon offered an audition with The Doobie Brothers via his friend, Michael Hossack. "The Doobies were my favorite band when I was a kid, so I jumped at the chance." After his audition, Ed was invited to the join band, forming the two-man drum team with Hossack. "Surreal is one way to describe it!" said Ed. "I'm just fired up to be able to play all of these great tunes with the guys who wrote them. The Doobies are all over the style map, and that really makes it a really fun and interesting gig."

When he is not on the road with The Doobie Brothers or working on side projects, Ed is playing drums on a variety of recording sessions as well as occasionally working as a music producer.

Ed Toth performing Toto's "Jake to the Bone" during the Nashville Drummers Jam 3 - Jeff Porcaro Tribute.
Recorded on September 9, 2013, by BAE Productions.