Steve Gadd (2013)

One of the most influential drummers of all time, Steve Gadd set a new standard in contemporary drumming techniques and performance, and in doing so launched a thousand imitators. Recording so many legendary drum tracks like; " Aja"," Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" and "Nite Sprite", there is no drummer alive today who, in some way, has not been effected by Steve Gadd and his drumming. His influence is still very much felt and can be heard in the playing of Vinnie Colaiuta, Carter Beauford and Dave Weckl.

Steve Gadd, born Stephen Kendall Gadd on April 9, 1945 in Irondequoit, Rochester, New York, is an American studio/session drummer and drumming icon, widely known for his work with popular musicians from a wide range of music genres.

At age three, Steve received his first pair of sticks and a round piece of wood (for a practice pad) from his Uncle Eddie, a former army drummer. The two would listened to the radio together and play along to John Phillip Sousa marches and other tunes. At the age of seven, Steve began his first private drum lessons with Elmer Frolig at Levis Music, across the street from The Eastman School Of Music.

In 1952, Steve received his first drumset from his grandfather and really started studying the drums at Levi's Music with Elmer Frolig.

In the 60s, Steve played with the Rochester Crusaders drum corps, winning numerous awards, and toured Europe with the Band of Americas, a group of top notch high school musicians. After graduating from Eastridge High School, Steve attended the Manhattan School of Music then transferred to the Eastman School of Music to study with John Beck. On February 16, 1968, Steve gave his senior recital to a standing room only audience in Kilbourn Hall.

After college, Steve joined the US Army and for the next 3 years played drums with their army's field band and stage (jazz) band, as well as performing locally, sometimes as much as six nights a week, with the Mangione brothers, Chuck and Gap.

Steve started his session drumming career in 1968 — recording his first album, Diana In The Autumn Wind, with Gap Mangione. Two years later, his second album... Chuck Mangione's live concert album, Friends and Love. For a complete list of Steve's recording history, check out his discography page.

Still to this day, there is no one who can get "inside" a tune and find the "pocket" quite like the legendary Steve Gadd.