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Mastering the Tables of TimeAlfred Music Publishing, home to the world's largest percussion print music catalog, is thrilled to be named as the exclusive distributor of the award-winning educational book, Mastering the Tables of Time, Volume 1: Introducing the Standard Timetable by David Stanoch.

Voted as the No. 1 Educational Book in Modern Drummer's 2009 Reader's Poll, Mastering the Tables of Time uniquely combines the foundation of rhythm and trapset drumming using a system that enhances the ability to absorb the disciplines of timekeeping, coordination, rudiments, polyrhythms, and musical phrasing—improving ones groove, coordination, polyrhythmic, and soloing skills. Dubbed “a future classic,” this groundbreaking, comprehensive method provides an inclusive framework that unites exclusive areas of study to benefit players of any skill level—whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Bob Durkee, Alfred’s Director of Distribution, commented, "Mastering the Tables of Time is a wonderful addition to Alfred's extensive educational drum catalog, and we couln't be more excited to work with David and exclusively distribute his innovative book to drummer of all skill levels around the World."

A faculty member of the McNally Smith College of Music since 1990, David Stanoch has studied with acclaimed musicians such as Max Roach, Alan Dawson, Richard Davis, Jeff Hamilton, Ignacio Berroa, and Chad Wackerman. He has an eclectic background of experience with Sheryl Crow, Herb Ellis, Col. Bruce Hampton, Ben Sidran, and many more talented and popular musicians. David juggles live and studio work with several band projects including the trio TRIPLICATE, described by DRUM! magazine as “so good that it’s intimidating.”

The Mastering the Tables of Time, Volume 1: Introducing the Standard Timetable book is now available for $24.95. Pick up your copy at a local music retail store, or buy it today through the Drummer Cafe!

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