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Alfred Provides a Passport to a New World of Music with New Drum Atlas Series

Alfred Music Publishing announces the release of the Drum Atlas series. This innovative and compelling new series transports some of the world's most unique and dynamic rhythms to drummers everywhere. This exotic series widens a drummer's musical scope by introducing sounds from Brazil, Cuba, India, and Salsa, with additional titles to be released later this year.

Drum Atlas: Brazil offers an inside look into the catchy rhythms and emotional depth of Brazilian music. For drummers, this book presents an incredible opportunity to incorporate a wide variety of beats in an exciting, dynamic context by learning basic Brazilian beats and ways to create variety through sticking patterns, the placement of accents, and the use of brushes. In addition, drummers will learn about the percussion instruments of Brazil, how to perform alongside them, and even how to emulate them as a sole drummer. Drum Atlas: Brazil also explores the importance of drumming in Brazilian culture, including celebrations such as Carnival, and the various cultural influences that made Brazilian drumming possible, allowing drummers to understand how Brazilian rhythm has spread throughout the world, influencing contemporary styles like jazz and pop.

Drum Atlas: Cuba captures the incredibly lively rhythms that have caused Cuban music to experience a surge in international popularity. Musicians know that playing Cuban music requires a relaxed, yet steady, feel for the clave-the underlying groove that is not always easy for newcomers to grasp. Drum Atlas: Cuba deciphers how to internalize the clave and build layer upon layer of rhythm on its foundation while demonstrating how to incorporate those infectious Cuban rhythms into your drumset playing. Perfect for every style of drummer, these rhythm exercises will improve your sense of syncopation and limb independence. With the many varieties of Cuban styles in this book, there are plenty of opportunities to play truly authentic Cuban sounds as a solo drummer as well as with a band using the sample bass and piano parts provided.

Drum Atlas: India unlocks the secrets of the rhythmic theory and tradition that remains largely untapped by modern drummers by explaining how the traditional rhythms of instruments such as the tabla, mridangam, and dhol can be adapted to the modern drumset. This book decodes bol, or spoken syllables, that Indian percussionists have used for centuries to communicate drum patterns. Indian rhythms are often composed of familiar patterns with 3, 4, 6, 8, or 16 beats, but sometimes delve into patterns of 5 or 7 beats that may seem unusual to a Western drummer. Drum Atlas: India teaches the theory behind tal, rhythmic cycles of various numbers of beats. Mastering this knowledge will improve soloing, linear phrasing, and subdividing skills while providing opportunities to incorporate Indian rhythmic concepts into other musical styles, such as rock, funk, and jazz.

Drum Atlas: Salsa celebrates the music that came out of the great melting pot of New York City, born from the music of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other island nations. For drummers, salsa music is an incredible opportunity to incorporate a wide variety of beats in an exciting, danceable context. Drum Atlas: Salsa covers the important rhythms and drumset techniques required to play this style while demonstrating the salsa song form and ways to play solos and fills within the style. Also, this comprehensive guide to salsa includes a discussions on the different percussion instruments, how to perform alongside them, tricks on how to emulate them when you are the sole drummer, and salsa's influence on Latin jazz, as demonstrated through the drumbeats of Art Blakey, Elvin Jones, and others.

Drum Atlas: Brazil, Drum Atlas: Cuba, Drum Atlas: India, and Drum Atlas: Salsa are now available as a book and CD set for $16.95 each. Pick up your copies at a local music retail store, or buy them today right here at the Drummer Cafe.

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