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Ron Marquez with all new computerized hoop welding machine.

Aquarian Raises The Bar On Quality In Drumheads

Along with their all new state-of-the-art machinery, Aquarian has implemented a new approach to Quality Control called QC1000™.

Developed by Aquarian engineers, it features "hands on" check points at critical stages of the manufacturing process plus computer analysis of testing results.

QC1000™ is a combination of testing methods developed into one cohesive system to optimize testing accuracy. It represents the best of human observation along with in depth computer analysis of pertinent data.

Ron Marquez & Roy Burns




Products are checked against blue prints, existing products and established testing procedures that combine computers with highly skilled personnel.

According to co-owners Roy Burns and Ron Marquez, "Our quality is at an all time high and our sales are up worldwide. The best of both worlds."