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Aquarian Drumheads

Aquarian Drumheads, now celebrating 25 years of ingenuity and drumhead manufacturing, has several new breakthroughs in design and fabrication.

Aquarian's sound got even better with the introduction of their Full-Range™ drumhead film in 2011 — featuring all the depth Aquarian is known for plus added clarity, brightness and resonance.

Aquarian co-owner, Roy Burns says, “In response to our endorsers requesting some added 'brightness' to the Aquarian sound we began to explore some new drumhead film possibilities. Working closely with a new supplier we were able to add more 'high-end' attack, clarity and resonance.” Aquarian artists like Chris Adler (Lamb Of God), Jay Lane (Primus), Tom Meadows (Kylie Minogue) and Tommy Clufetos (Ozzy Osbourne) all agree, “Aquarian’s sound just got even better!” All AQUARIAN drumheads feature the NEW Full-Range™ drumhead film.


Aquarian Triple Threat

Triple Threat 3-ply Snare Drumhead

Aquarian's Triple Ply Technology makes the all new Triple Threat drumhead possible; the first 3-ply drumhead to embody power, fast snare response and projection. Using their advanced molding procedure, the Triple Threat is made from three plies of 7-mil Full-Range™ drumhead film, molded to act as one powerful, strong snare drumhead that is durable and powerful, yet responsive.

The Triple Threat is available Clear or Texture Coated, comes in 13-inch or 14-inch sizes, .and can be used in a variety of musical settings — particularly suited for the Hard Rock and Metal music genres.

Tuned loose, the Triple Threat provides a wet, broad back beat that is pure Country / Blues; tuned tight, it has a "crack" that will cut through the gutars like a "hot knife through butter." Rimshots ... like a rifle shot.


Force Ten™ Tom Tom Drumheads

The new Force Ten™ drumheads are molded with two plies of 10-mil Full-Range™ drumhead film. Aquarian’s advanced molding procedures make these heads a powerful and durable head for tom toms. Force Ten™ drumheads are designed to have more attack, depth, raw power and durability than conventional two ply tom tom heads.

Only Aquarian, with their high tech vacuum molding process, can deliver a two 10-mil ply drumhead with resonance and projection.

Available in Clear or Texture Coated, the Force Ten™ drumheads come in 8-inch through 18-inch sizes and can be used in a variety of musical settings — particularly suited for the Hard Rock and Metal music genres.


Aquarian Super-Kick 10

Super-Kick 10™ Bass Drumhead

The all new Super-Kick 10™ features two plies of 10-mil Full-Range drumhead film for extra strength, extra depth, intense attack, and a tight punchy sound.

Super-Kick 10™, the "king" of bass drumheads, is the most powerful Super-Kick™ bass drumhead ever developed.


Aquarian Has The Power!

To learn more about Aquarian's first coordinated line of Power Drumheads for today's demanding and dynamic young drummers, visit www.aquariandrumheads.com.