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Zoro and Bernard Purdie - 2013 Connecticut Drum ShowZoro and Bernard Purdie - 2013 Connecticut Drum Show

Zoro and Bernard Purdie were the special guest artists and clinicians for this year's Connecticut Drum Show, held on April 21, 2013 at The Sphinx Shriners Center in Newington, CT.

During the drum show, the two drumming icons came together to perform an impromptu drumming duet which last for almost 15-minutes.

Below is the video of their performance as well as Zoro's personal thoughts and comments about the experience.

"This was a spur of the moment improvisational performance.

"Unfortunately, the way my drums were set up I had my back to Bernard so we were not able to have any eye contact with one another. Nonetheless, there was a beautiful synergy we experienced because music is felt in the spirit first and sound always comes before sight.

"Performing with Bernard always holds a special place in my heart because of our mutual respect for the groove and the brotherly love we have for one another. I do hope you enjoy this performance. I know that we sure did and I was anxious to share it with all of my people and those musicians whom I love, respect and admire so deeply for their commitment to their passion and their contribution to the world of music. Keep creating and reaching for higher ground and by all means keep doing what you were chosen to do. Truthfully speaking, there is no joy in this life expect in the fulfilling of the purpose for which you were created!"

— Zoro

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