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Based on Johnny Craviotto’s world-renowned solid drumshell construction method, the new production process takes the legendary design to a new level by allowing the use of premium-grade domestic, exotic and rare hardwoods wood that have previously been unavailable for drumsets due to the width, length, figuring, consistency required for solid-shell drum making.

Craviotto One-Ply Drum Shell Kit

The new Craviotto drums take advantage of an advanced technique developed exclusively by the master drum builder for creating one-ply shells from a variety of hand-selected and tonally matched woods. After two solid planks of wood are milled, steamed, bent and lathed to scientific tolerances using Craviotto’s proprietary processes, the two sections are joined together under extreme pressure to form a virtually seamless shell. Craviotto’s trademark reinforcing hoops and precise bearing edges as well as a decorative “Diamond” inlay are then applied. The result is a drumset with the structural integrity, range, clarity, warmth and sensitivity— plus the unmistakable appearance— of a finely-crafted, solid-shell instrument.

Craviotto’s revolutionary process not only allows the production of standard and extended depth “One-Ply” tom-toms and bass drums, it also provides the ability to “bookmatch” drumshells using pre-selected, cross-sawn boards as is often done in high-end guitar making. In addition, “One-Ply” drum construction allows different yet complimentary woods (for example, maple and walnut or walnut and cherry) to be combined into spectacular “Two-Tone” drumkits.

Craviotto “One-Ply” drumkits are made in U.S.A., available on a limited, made-to-order basis and subject to the availability of appropriate wood supplies. For more information visit an authorized Craviotto Drums dealer or go to http://www.craviottodrums.com/.