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Camp Riley

Drum set built by Wooden Cross Hardware, customized by Campers at Riley Children’s Foundation Camp Riley

Wooden Cross Hardware has teamed up with the Riley Children’s Foundation, Sedona Drum Company, Sassy Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Drum Foundry, and others to build a drum set for Camp Riley and customized by the campers for their music program. The camp will receive all fund raising proceeds and a full drum set that is ready to play.

After contacting Riley Children’s Foundation regarding the desire to do a fund raiser, a perfect match for what WCH does and passion behind drums was connected with a need. Camp Riley is starting a music program for the campers and the only missing instrument was a drum set. Here is a little about Camp Riley taken from their web site:

"Camp Riley helps inspire youth with physical disabilities to realize their potential as they become increasingly independent. Every summer, nearly 250 children, ages 8–18, from throughout Indiana and several other states come to Camp Riley. During their time at Camp they prove to themselves and others that their strength and will power define them—not their physical circumstances. From horseback riding, to swimming, to conquering the high ropes course, campers discover new confidence and make lifelong friends. Camp Riley holds six different camp sessions during a five-week period each summer at Bradford Woods—Indiana University’s 2,500-acre universally accessible outdoor recreational facility."

This set needed to be more unique and the desire to make it specifically for the campers was important to WCH. After some discussion, it was decided that artwork done by the campers themselves would be used to cover the drums. This youth sized set will have a complete set of cymbals donated by Sabian Ltd. With a combination of extremely reduced costs and hardware donations from other drum builders, a drum building supplier, donated photographic services, and even a customer of WCH…the set is almost complete!

Donations will be accepted through August 2010. To make a donation online, via PayPal, visit Wooden Cross Hardware and click "DONATE". You mail also mail your check/money order donation, made payable to “Paul Hunt dba Wooden Cross Hardware” (please note it is for Camp Riley Fundraiser) and send it to:

Paul Hunt
Wooden Cross Hardware
6337 North Piqua Road
Decatur, IN 46733

Donations will all have receipts and will be accepted throughout August 2010. Towards the end of August, this fund drive will possibly be wrapped up with a silent auction for a matching adult size drum set. This auctioned set will be drums only and will match the exact finish of the youth kit given to the campers. For further information or questions regarding this fund drive, Paul Hunt at Wooden Cross Hardware can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 260-701-5496.