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As an author of three books on classic drumming styles, as well as a world traveled performer and clinician, Daniel Glass is also developing a second career as a music historian. After interviewing more than 50 music legends over the past twelve years, Glass is now planning to put all of his research together into a single, copious DVD.

The Century Project, which will take the viewer on a 100-year musical journey from 1865 (end of the Civil War) to 1965 (the arrival of the Beatles to America's shores), aims to show just how powerfully the drum set has reflected the evolution of America and its culture as a whole.

In addition to telling this very compelling story, The Century Project will be the first large-scale DVD to incorporate vintage drums. To that end, Glass will utilize a variety of period era kits in the performance segments, with extra features dedicated to talking about shell construction, bearing edges, mounting hardware, and how all these elements fit into the big picture.

"For the last two years, I've been actively working with DrumChannel to bring The Century Project to life," says Daniel. "Unfortunately, the industry has been devastated by YouTube, piracy and a host of other ills, which means I have to raise $12,000 myself — just over half the funds — if I want the DVD to see the light of day. Toward that end, I'm working with an innovative crowd-funding platform called Kickstarter, which utilizes 'incentives,' sort of like a PBS pledge drive."

To learn more about The Century Project and view the large list of incentives, please check out the following link:


Daniel Glass has a goal to reach $12,000 by November 22nd, and if he does, DrumChannel will match the funds. However, Kickstarter works in such a way that if he doesn't reach his full goal by the target date, the project doesn't fund, everyone gets their money back, and Daniel walks away empty handed.

Over half of all the drumming legends Daniel Glass has interviewed have now passed away, and as we get further away from the 20th Century, the chances that their stories and musical contributions will be lost forever are becoming more of a reality all the time. In other words, the time to get this information out is now!

As someone who has done an enormous amount of research on this subject, and also spent most of his career playing classic American music at the highest levels, Daniel Glass believes it would not be an understatement to say that he has dedicated his career to ensure that the lessons of the past will be preserved for future generations of musicians and music lovers.

"If you've ever read one of my books, been to one of my clinics, or seen a performance with acts like Royal Crown Revue or Brian Setzer, you know the kind of integrity that I put into my work as a performer, historian and educator," says Glass. "By backing The Century Project, you have the chance not only to invest in the continuation of that work, but you can play a role in creating an important record of our musical history."

The Drummer Cafe has made a financial contribution to the project with the hope that the drumming community at large will follow suit, helping Daniel Glass reach his goal and bring The Century Project to life.