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DingdrumA steel hand drum, made from a propane tank, with eight tabs on the face of the drum — each of which produces a different tone. Dingdrums are available in a variety of five and six-note melodic scales, each with its own distinct character. This drum is ideal for percussionists looking for a simple way to get some melody into their art without the time-consuming process of learning a new instrument. Easy to play with a unique, soothing and hypnotic tone.

Dingdrums are designed to be intuitive to play and the notes sounded by the eight tabs make it a perfect instrument for improvisation.

In this video presentation, recorded by Drummer Cafe founder/owner, Bart Elliott, during the 2011 Summer NAMM Show in Nashville, TN, Dingdrum creator, Joel Bellinson jams on some new melodies.

For more information about the Dingdrum, as well as list of dealers, visit www.dingdrum.com.