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DRUM Magazine - Drummies2009

Neil Peart's Powerhouse Percussion Results In Third Consecutive Victory as Drummer Of The Year In Enter Music Publishing's Drummies Awards. Featured In DRUM! Magazine's August, 2009 Issue On Newsstands Now.

Neil Peart's lucky number may just be three. He can definitely play in three; he has been part of a highly successful trio, Rush; and, he has now garnered his third consecutive victory as “Drummer Of The Year” in this year's Drummies.

Additionally, he won “Best Progressive Drummer. Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip, drum magazines worldwide, conducts The Drummies every year with voting open to anyone from February to May. This year 5,310 votes were cast in 41 drum/percussion categories ranging from “Best Drummer” to “Best Drum Advertisement”.

While Peart has successfully demonstrated his popularity in the last three Drummies, his margin of victory was less than in the last two years, according to Phil Hood, publisher and co-founder of DRUM! Magazine. Runner-up Travis Barker gave Peart a serious run and had been the most frequent winner (three victories) prior to Peart's popularity. Thus, Barker remains a very influential, popular drummer as well.

About the Voting

Peart's Popularity – A Rush of Publicity Online and Off

Peart's success, in part, results from his innovative, progressive approach to drumming which is a hit with drummers in all demographics. Yes, he has proven his strong popularity in DRUM!, which is evident from the recent cover story in DRUM!, that was based on emails sent in from the Peart fan population.

According to publisher Phil Hood, "Peart's success probably stems from the resurgence of Rush's popularity over the same time period that he has won the Drummies. There's no doubt that Rush's hyper drive back into mainstream success has propelled Peart to these victories,” he notes.

Additional Drummie Data and Surprises

As with all contests, this year's Drummies resulted in some intriguing data and surprise victories, such as:

The category receiving the largest number of votes was Drummer Of The Year (4,902).

The category receiving the least number of votes was Percussion Group.

Mainstream Pop Drummer: It's the first win for Bob Bryar of My Chemical Romance

Rising Star: Thomas Pridgen. He got his gig in the Mars Volta after they saw him playing on gospelchops.com.

Rising Star Percussion: Jocelyn Alvarez was mentored by Tito Puente.

Percussionist of the Year: Sheila E. It's her first win in many years.

Drum Workshop's Collector X Series Shell Drums were the top drumming product of the year.

Jazz/Fusion: Steve Smith, who has spent more time in the jazz world than the rock world of late, wins. He's famed for his instructional DVDs covering the history of drumming in popular music.

In contrast to recent years, Enter Music Publishing decided to list in this announcement just the winners related to playing and performance. All winners and runners-up in the 41 categories can be viewed in print in the August Issue of DRUM! Magazine and online at http://www.drummagazine.com/features/post/drummies2009/. The list of winners is also included in DRUM!'s August 2009 issue, featuring Mike Portnoy on the cover. It's on sale as of July 10, 2009.

Abridged Drummies Winner List


Drummer Of The Year: Neil Peart

Rising Star: Thomas Pridgen

Progressive Rock Drummer: Neil Peart

Metal Drummer: Lars Ulrich

Jam Band Drummer: Carter Beauford

Funk Drummer: Chad Smith

Mainstream Pop Drummer: Bob Bryar

Alternative Rock Drummer: Chad Smith

Punk Drummer: Travis Barker

R&B/Blues Drummer: John Blackwell

Jazz/Fusion Drummer: Steve Smith

Country Drummer: Jim Riley

Drum Clinician: Todd Sucherman

Studio Drummer: Josh Freese

Live Performer: Mike Portnoy


Percussionist Of The Year: Sheila E.

Rising Star: Jocelyn Alvarez

Latin Percussionist: Giovanni Hidalgo

Jazz/Fusion Percussionist: Airto Moreira

Of course, Enter Music Publishing would like to congratulate all the winners and runners-up in this year's Drummies 2009 and thank all the drummers and fans who cast votes. Additionally, the company appreciates all of the drum/music industry web sites, which assisted in promoting the Drummmies voting and all other activities related to it.

About Enter Music Publishing

Founded in San Jose, CA in 1992, Enter Music Publishing, Inc. is a leading publisher of hip, drum/percussion magazines, with distribution in 40 countries. DRUM! is the flagship publication of Enter Music Publishing, Inc. and continues to set the industry standard for editorial quality and innovation. Additional information about the company can be found at www.drummagazine.com.

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