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Neil Peart

He's done it again: Neil Peart has been selected “Drummer Of The Year” in DRUM! Magazine's Drummies 2008, a prestigious reader survey contest comprised of 42 categories, conducted by Enter Music Publishing, publishers of hip/drum percussion magazines worldwide. More than 5000 drummers nominated Peart; the runners-up were Stanton Moore, Mike Portnoy and Jimmy Sullivan.

Additionally, Peart won “Best Live Performer.”

“Peart has definitely shown his influence on drummers of all ages and walks of life,” said Phil Hood, publisher of Enter Music Publishing. “At the same time, the runners-up demonstrate the diversity of taste that our readers have. All of the winners have clearly   proven their commitment to the drumming arts.”


Stanton Moore 

Stanton Moore is a good example of a drummer, as Hood aptly notates, who is so obsessed with forwarding traditional New Orleans drumming. He could be considered a new stuttin' player carrying the meter messages  of drummers, such as Zig Modeliste, Russell Batiste and Johnny Vidacovich. He was the cover of DRUM! in January of this year. Moore, additionally, has been active in the resurrection of the Crescent City.

The winners of this year's Drummies will be published in DRUM!'s August issue and
announced publicly on over 500 web sites and media outlets beginning July 1 in a comprehensive campaign. The August Issue of DRUM! Magazine hits newsstands officially on July 14th.


The winners and runners-up are listed in order below. Enter Music Publishing would like to, once again, congratulate all of them.



Best Drummer of the Year–WINNER: Neil Peart. Runners-Up: Stanton Moore, Mike Portnoy, Jimmy Sullivan
Best Rising Star–WINNER: Thomas Pridgen. Runners-Up: Cody Hanson, Matt Smith, Spencer Smith
Best Progessive–WINNER: Mike Portnoy. Runners-Up: Neil Peart, Gavin Harrison, Danny Carey
Best Metal–WINNER: Chris Adler. Runners-Up: Jason Bittner, Joey Jordison, Brann Dailor
Best Jam Band–WINNER: Carter Beauford. Runners-Up: Stanton Moore, Matt Abts, Jim Donovan
Best Jazz–WINNER: Steve Smith. Runners-Up: Peter Erskine, Billy Hart, Billy Kilson
Best Funk–WINNER: Chad Smith. Runners-Up: Stanton Moore, Zoro, Aaron Spears
Best Urban–WINNER: ?uestlove. Runners-Up: Aaron Spears, Trevor Lawrence Jr., Teddy Campbell
Best Mainstream Pop–WINNER: Taylor Hawkins. Runners-Up: Neil Peart, Chad Smith, Travis Barker
Best Alternative–WINNER: Sam Loeffler. Runners-Up: Brooks Wackerman , Atom Willard,  Travis Barker
Best Punk–WINNER: Travis Barker. Runners-Up: TrÈ Cool, Brooks Wackerman, Bill Stevenson
Best R&B/Blues–WINNER: Zoro. Runners-Up: Stanton Moore, Aaron Spears, Teddy Campbell
Best Country–WINNER: Jim Riley. Runners-Up: Paul Leim, Eddie Bayers, Ben Sesar
Best Drum Clinician–WINNER: Thomas Lang. Runners-Up: JoJo Mayer, Stanton Moore, Mike Mangini
Best Studio–WINNER: Vinnie Colaiuta. Runners-Up: Steve Gadd, Josh Freese, Rodney Holmes
Best Live Performer–WINNER: Neil Peart. Runners-Up: Stanton Moore, Jimmy Sullivan, Mike Portnoy



Best Drum Kit–WINNER: DW Collector's Twisted Exotics.
Runners-Up: Pearl Masters MCX, Tama Starclassic Perfomer Bubinga/Birch, Ludwig Legacy
Best Snare Drum–WINNER: Black Panther Thick Flame Maple. Runners-Up: Tama 13" Warlord Limited Edition, Pro-Mark 50th Anniversary, Yamaha 14" x 5.5" Kabuto
Best Custom Drum Maker–WINNER: SJC. Runners-Up: Pork Pie, Craviotto, Orange County Drums & Percussion
Best Cymbal –WINNER: Zildjian Armand Series. Runners-Up: Sabian 20" HHX Evolution O-Zone Crash, Paiste Twenty Series, Zildjian 22" K Medium Dark Ride
Best Drumhead–WINNER: Evans EC1. Runners-Up: Remo Powerstroke X Snare, Remo Vintage A, Aquarian Super-2
Best Sticks–WINNER: Vic Firth Danny Carey Nylon Tip Signature. Runners-Up: Vater Limited Edition 2007 Stewart Copeland Standard, Zildjian Backbeat Series, Pro-Mark Chris Adler model
Best Hardware–WINNER: DW 8000 Series Pedals. Runners-Up: Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Pedals with Cobra Coil Speed Spring, Pearl 900 Series, Tama Stage Master
Best Percussion–WINNER: LP John Dolmayan Mini-Timbale. Runners-Up: Pearl Travel Conga, LP More Cowbell Ridge Rider Bell Pack, Remo Key-Tuned Djembe
Best Accessory–WINNER: Zildjian Travis Barker Artist Series Bags. Runners-Up: Vater Safe 'N Sound Earplugs, SKB Roto-X cases, Aquarian Super-Thin Kickpads
Best Electronic Percussion–WINNER: Roland HD-1 V-Drums Lite. Runners-Up: Yamaha DTXpress IV, Roland PM-01 Personal Monitor, Alesis DM5 Pro



Best Percussionist of the Year–WINNER: Luis Conte. Runners-Up: Giovanni Hidalgo, Fausto Cuevas, Taku Hirano
Best Rising Star–WINNER: Cesar Espinoza. Runners-Up: Carlos Maldonado, A.B. Bermudez, Eric Velez
Best Latin–WINNER: Richie Flores. Runners-Up: A.B. Bermudez, Giovanni Hidalgo, Poncho Sanchez
Best Jazz/Fusion–WINNER: Sammy Figueroa. Runners-Up: Richie Flores, A.B. Bermudez, Cyro Baptista
Best Percussion Clinician–WINNER: Jesus Diaz. Runners-Up: Giovanni Hidalgo, Alex AcuÒa, Valerie Naranjo
Best Rock/Pop–WINNER: Luis Conte. Runners-Up: Fausto Cuevas, Raul Rekow, Jim Donovan
Best Worldbeat–WINNER: Valerie Naranjo. Runners-Up: Zakir Hussain, Taku Hirano, Cyro Baptista
Best Percussion Ensemble–WINNER: Hip Pickles. Runners-Up: Blue Man Group, San Jose Taiko, Concord Blue Devils
Best Drum Circle Facilitator–WINNER: Jim Donovan. Runners-Up: Valerie Naranjo, John Scalici, Chet Doboe
Best Studio–WINNER: Luis Conte. Runners-Up: Lenny Castro, Emil Richards, Robert Vilera
Best Live Performer–WINNER: Marc QuiÒones. Runners-Up: Alex AcuÒa, Hip Pickles, Jim Donovan



Best DVD–WINNER: Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer by Jojo Mayer. Runners-Up: In Constant Motion by Mike Portnoy, Ultimate Realistic Rock by Carmine Appice, Billy Cobham Live At 60 by Billy Cobham
Best Book–WINNER: On The Beaten Path: The Drummer’s Guide to Musical Styles and the Legends Who Defined Them by Rich Lackowski. Runners-Up: Drumming Out of the Shadows by Jason Bittner, Hands, Grooves and Fills by Pat Petrillo, Jimi Hendrix: Smash Hits Play-Along
Best Drumming Album–WINNER: Hellyeah by Hellyeah. Runners-Up: Obzen by Meshuggah, Avenged Sevenfold by Avenged Sevenfold, Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace by Foo Fighters
Best Hand Percussion Album–WINNER: The Magician by Sammy Figueroa. Runners-Up: Global Drum Project by Mickey Hart, Akir Hussain, Sikiru Adepoju, and Giovanni Hidalgo, Raise Your Hand by Poncho Sanchez, Marimbula by Luis Conte
Best Web Site–WINNER: drummerworld.com. Runners-Up: pearldrum.com, drumsmith.com, drumbum.com
Best Print Advertisement–WINNER: Pearl “Chad Smith Grammy Magnet.” Runners-Up: DW “My Name Is,” Pro-Mark “Say It With Your Music,” Tama “Blue Man Group”

About Enter Music Publishing
Founded in San Jose, CA in 1992, Enter Music Publishing, Inc. is a leading publisher of drum/percussion magazines, with distribution in 40 countries. DRUM! is the flagship publication of Enter Music Publishing, Inc. and continues to set the industry standard for editorial quality and innovation. In addition to DRUM! and DRUM! Digital, the company publishes Traps and HOW TO PLAY DRUMS. Additional information about the company can be found at: drummagazine.com. Press contact: Phil Hood, +1 408-971-9794 extension 203.

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