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DrumMax Custom Drums

DrumMax Custom Drums announced its launch with a popular display at the 2012 Summer NAMM Show. The new company showed off an eclectic mix of exotic woods, wraps, and handpainted drums, all made in the USA. "We make exceptional drums that sound amazing and really turn your head," said founder Leonardo Baroncini, speaking from his workshop in Indianapolis, "and they’re all made here in America."

Baroncini, originally from Uruguay, moved to the United States four years ago to marry his wife, Susan, who runs the business office at DrumMax.

Baroncini said, "When I came to the United States, I saw that a lot of the custom companies were making drums with parts manufactured overseas. It keeps costs down, but sometimes you sacrifice quality. I wasn’t willing to do that. Plus, America welcomed me with open arms and I wanted to support the wonderful American craftsmen and artisans who are renowned around the world."

Baroncini, a drummer with a professional career spanning thirty years and three continents, spent two years researching and traveling the country in search of the best woodworkers and craftsmen who could create the best sounding and best looking percussion instruments.

"Of course looks matter, but serious drummers care about how their drums sound, and I wanted to find people who could help me create drums that sound incredible and look beautiful," he said.

DrumMax builds custom drums in exotic woods, including bubinga and zebrawood, and creates specialty snares like the 50-ply snare. "This was the most popular snare at the Summer NAMM show," Baroncini says, "It was the only one of its kind there. The 50-ply is especially popular because it’s so extraordinary. It has an amazing attack."

Baroncini runs DrumMax with his wife, Susan, in Indianapolis, Indiana.


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