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Ear Master ApS

EarMaster ApS, the company behind the eponymous ear training software suite, is releasing a free financial web app for bands called BandLoot and gives the concept of Social Accounting a new meaning.

There are many reasons why a band might break up: the drummer snatching the guitarist's girlfriend, the singer proposing that the band should be renamed after his own name, the latest EP getting dull reviews, and so on. Rock history is simply filled with such stories. Fortunately, musicians are tough, and many bands survive the ups and downs of a music career. But one thing will always crash the party and very often get to spoil it — money.

According to a survey led by EarMaster on www.EarMaster.com and answered by over 2000 bands, 60% of the respondents admitted having experienced money-related conflicts in their band, 5% of which adding that their band actually ended up parting ways because of that. Furthermore, none of the responding bands knew of a solution that could help them get their band finances under control besides tedious spreadsheets or using an expensive accountant. Typical issues involve sharing gig money, paying back your share of a group expense, splitting bills or royalties between band members… The list could go on forever.

EarMaster is releasing a new tool that will change the game. BandLoot is the first and only social accounting web app that will help bands track their cash flows easily together, as a band, in total transparency. The core features of traditional accounting and IOU applications have been streamlined and customized to match the needs of bands of any size, and made available to musicians worldwide for free. The main idea behind BandLoot is very simple: When money is involved, you'd better set things straight right from the start and make sure cash flows are handled transparently between all members.

BandLoot is already available in English, French, Italian and Danish, and German and Spanish versions will follow on a week later. 200 bands from around the globe were picked to test BandLoot in exclusivity before its official release. Bands can now sign up freely and start managing their band money online at www.bandloot.com.

About EarMaster ApS

EarMaster ApS is a Danish software company dedicated to the development of interactive tools for computer-aided music education, with special focus on ear training. Founded in 1994 by Hans L. Jakobsen, EarMaster stands out as a reference in its field thanks to continuous work and development, and a genuine dedication to all musicians, music students and educators. In 2012, EarMaster ApS released the first free social accounting web app for bands, BandLoot.com.