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Foxy DrummerLet’s face it: there are hundreds of thousands of drummers in the world and only a few dozen will ever see their name and signature on a drumstick. Large drumsticks corporations can only afford to print custom logo drumsticks for the most popular drummers, leaving the vast majority of drummers out in the mud. However, Foxy Drummer is trying to chance that by offering each and every drummer the opportunity to get their artwork/signature on their own drumsticks – at a price that is less than what they would pay for a typical store bought pair.

FoxyDrummer_custom_drumsticksFor the last few months, Foxy Drummer has been perfecting the art of making custom logo drumsticks for a small circle of drummers. Now their services are open to any drummer with a dream. Foxy now has the ability to:

  • print multiple color logos
  • print logos up to 7” long on the stick
  • offer a selection of over 25 different stick sizes
  • color the stick in 1 of 8 different colors
  • provide you with samples so you can ‘try before you buy’

Play with them, sell them, or throw them at your screaming fans – it’s up to you. Custom logo drumsticks start at only $4.99/pair and band typically resell them at their gigs for $10+/pair.

For more information visit www.FoxyDrummer.com.