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Robot Drummer - Stickboy

StickBoy is his name, although he sure looks a lot like he's related to Star Wars villain, General Grievous, with his four arms and two legs. Cousins perhaps?

StickBoy's creator, Frank Barnes of Robocross, built the metal Mohawk drumming robot back in 2007. The robot’s four arms, two legs and bobbing head are powered by compressed air. StickBoy's drums of choice — a 14-piece Pearl drumset with double bass pedals (cymbals?).

According to the Robocross website, StickBoy can rock out to 8 songs:

  • Theme song to the Bannana Splits
  • Bullet in the Head - Rage Against the Machine
  • Blitzkriegbop - The Ramones
  • Iron man - Black Sabbath
  • Unsung - Helmet
  • TNT - ACDC
  • Becoming - Pantera
  • Rubbish and Nasty - Hooligan nights

StickBoy is currently working on adding Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" and No Means No's "Rags and Bones" to his robotic drumming repertoire.

Playing real drums while capturing the action and attitude that makes drummers rock stars ... just quadruple your set list ... and StickBoy ... you're ready for your first gig!