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Hal Leonard

Drumset Coordination and Drumset Syncopation Now Available

Hal Leonard has released two new instructional books to help drummers master two essential subjects: Drumset Coordination and Drumset Syncopation.

Drumset Coordination: A Method for Developing Complete Independence is written by Blake Paulson, a professional studio/touring drummer and music educator. This enjoyable and challenging exercise system will elevate your body to entirely new levels of coordination and independence on the drumset.

Through the use of ostinatos, you will work your way, step by step, through a well-organized system of common patterns and rhythms for each hand and foot. Not only will Drumset Coordination unlock your muscles, it will open your mind to many new possibilities of drumset playing and will help you realize your full musical potential. A unique and efficient approach to building drumset control and confidence, this book is a must-have for the serious drummer.

Drumset Syncopation: Advanced Techniques and Studies for Playing Between the Beats by noted drum instructor Bruce Patzer picks up where beginning drum methods leave off, providing the intermediate drumset player with practical studies that can be applied to real-life playing situations.

Built on the syncopated rhythms that form the basis of popular music, Drumset Syncopation explores beats and fills in a variety of styles, including: basic rock, funk, bossa nova, samba, reggae, blues, shuffles, country/gospel and jazz. This indispensible book is filled with info that will take you straight from the practice room to the stage!

These two books are available at your local drum shop and music retailer, or online today through the Drummer Cafe.