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Hammerax has released a line of loud, brilliant bell cymbals, designed for mounting independently, or "upside down" above cymbals. The bells are available in 6", 7", 8", and 9.5".

When mounted in the "upside down mode", Nice brand allow plenty of room to hit the bell of the large cymbal below due to the deep shape.

Virtually all prior small bells on the market were just pressed cups with a flat edge.

Nice cymbals feature deeply hammered grooves instead of lathe grooves. "These deep grooves add bright color to the sound… the main goal here was to create a pure sound which can cut through in many styles of music. This is not a mere cup but a true cymbal — formed completely by hammering. The weight is very heavy but the tone is pure with a long sustain, if struck hard", said John Stannard, Hammerax president. "We aimed right from the start for the Nice brand to be more than just a pressed cup. We knew it had to have a proper bow and center cup. We tested many different profiles and cup combinations to get the best tone." Nice cymbals can also be mounted individually, or even opposing each other, two at a time.

Nice cymbals are already on tour with several major acts- mostly notably Robert Plant’s Band of Joy with Marco Giovino on drums. Another great feature of Nice is the pricing. “These instruments are priced at very reasonable points considering the true handmade cymbal quality,” says Stannard.

Hammerax Nice bell

4 year Limited Warranty. Made in the USA. Available immediately.