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HammeraxSkyHat™ is a HiHat cymbal pair which can be mounted on standard cymbal stands and cymbal arm clamps with no additional hardware. This invention creates  the needed smaller gap by inverting the cups of both top and bottom cymbals and assembling them together as a pair. These inverted cups allow the center holes in the pair of cymbals to be close enough to allow the pair to be attached by standard felts and wing nuts to a cymbal stand or arm.

Hammerax SkyHat SkyHat™ also has the added feature of the ability to "tighten" the sound with the wing nut of the stand or arm. By tightening the wing nut, the natural rattling hi-hat style sound of the pair of cymbals will become more brief and controlled. By loosening the wingnut, the two cymbals will be more free to bounce against each other and vibrate and rattle together longer. This simple adjusting process is very easy and it can be done during live or recorded performance in the middle of a piece of music.

Another SkyHat™ feature is the ability to separate the two cymbals by using a standard cymbal felt washer as a divider, then mounting the pair together on a single cymbal stand or arm. This creates a double cymbal- bell with a resonant air cavity. The air cavity can alter the sound and increase certain low frequencies.

"All our pieces are stick playable and very tough!  They are for drummers as well as percussionists," says John Stannard. "Our mission is to shake up ears and preconceptions." Hammerax™ proceeds support T.R.A.P. and other music charities. Hammerax™ prices range from US $50 to $750.

For more information visit www.hammerax.com

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