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iDrum Tune

iDrumTune is a simple and effective iPhone App which analyses the sound of a drum and provides a measurement of the drumhead vibration frequency, much in the same way to an acoustic guitar tuner which measures the vibration frequency of a guitar string. In Pitch Tuning mode, simply hold the iPhone over the centre of a drum, about 4-6 inches away, and strike the drum in the centre.

The iDrumTune display shows the recorded sound waveform and gives the fundamental frequency of the drum. There is also a tuning indicator bar which shows the drumhead tuning relative to musical notes, so iDrumTune can be used to ensure that your drums are in key with each other or the song you are playing. A frequency spectrum view also allows more detailed analysis and tuning of higher overtones, which can be excited when hitting the drum around the perimeter.

Drum Tuning isn’t easy, and drums don’t respond in exactly the same way every time you hit them. For that reason it's valuable to know a little about the science of drum tuning. iDrumTune includes a comprehensive text on the science of drums and drum tuning in order to help you get the best of iDrumTune and to become an expert drum tuner!

For a limited time iDrumTune is available for just $1 (normal price $2) through the iPhone App Store.

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