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JamHubIn an industry hungry for new innovations, JamHub™ silent rehearsal studio, made a lot of noise with its debut at Summer NAMM, a global event for the music products industry, by winning an unprecedented three awards.

JamHub earned honors in the "Gotta Stock It" category and was selected by two judges for the "Best In Show" category. As these judges noted, "JamHub is a unique product that looks to solve an age-old problem for practicing musicians who need to control practice volume. It has all the features customers will want, without a bunch of extras that they won't want."

According to Steve Skillings, JamHub inventor and CEO, "Bands of all types face the same old rehearsal challenges—space is expensive, inconvenient or may have volume limitations. JamHub is the solution to these problems for many bands. Bands can now play quietly enough for a bedroom, dorm room, apartment, or hotel room without disturbing the neighbors."

JamHub also provides an enhanced experience for every musician in the band. Steve Skillings, an active musician himself, describes it this way, "Each band member picks their own section on the JamHub and connects their instruments, mics, and headphones. You control your own individual mix, so you hear yourself with a new clarity, and no more volume wars!"

JamHub was designed for all music enthusiasts, from garage bands to touring professionals. JamHub is affordable, portable, and easy to set up, and the JamHub line will be introduced with three models:

JamHub models include a variety of features, including 24-bit stereo effects, stage control, and recording output capabilities. The JamHub accessories line also includes the SoleMix remote so drummers and keyboard players can mix without moving from their gear; stereo cable kits; headphone extension kits; and, the Stasher backpack to hold a JamHub and related gear.

Commenting on the JamHub opportunity for retailers, David McCarthy adds, "When we preview JamHub to musicians, it's an immediate 'must have' because it's the first product that solves their loud rehearsal problem. And, JamHub is not only a totally new product line for retailers, it will also drive add-on sales for components like cables, microphones, and headphones."

Available online right here at the Drummer Cafe via Musician's Friend and Music123.com.