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Sean J. Kennedy - Hey! Where's My Tux?!

The Sean J. Kennedy Band has harnessed the energy of a live summer concert and released it as a digital download; Hey! Where’s My Tux?!  is available for $7.00 at CD Baby (www.cdbaby.com/seanjkennedyband) and $8.99 on Amazon.com.

Sean J. Kennedy pulled his car into the lot of Puck Live in Doylestown on June 14, 2013, popped open the hatch and started unloading his drums onto the steamy sidewalk, as six of his closest musician friends made their way to meet him at the venue for the night’s gig. Carrying heavy loads of instruments inside, the guys welcomed the cool, damp air of the subterranean room, as they made their way through the maze of tables to the dimly lit stage, and set up for the show. Often times, playing jazz means running through standards at weddings or special events, so the fact that this gig featured the band as the main attraction, and called for an audience that was focused on seeing, hearing and dancing to the craftsmanship of musicians brimming with eagerness to play their own music, added an unmistakable element of excitement.

A diverse crowd accumulated as people, one by one, strolled past the droning, mechanical thumping that was emanating from the DJ’s techno-music turntable on the patio behind the building. Unbeknownst to the clubbers above, it was down below the ground where the fun was taking place. Joining Kennedy on stage for this performance were virtuoso musicians and longtime friends, Erin Stroup (saxophone), Tim Price (saxophone), Mark Amentt (bass), John Stenger (keys), Bob Wagner (trumpet) and Dave Champion (trombone); with engines revving, all drivers were ready to take off when the first tune was called, and the ride was nonstop energy from the first note until the last. Song after song, the hard-driven tempo kept pace, and the passionately expressed melodies moved the listeners so much that people got up, pushed the tables aside and started dancing.

The audience was still on their feet, ready for another tune when it was all over, and the forceful energy never died down until the room was empty again. What happens when a wide array of skilled musicians with different experiences and backgrounds come together to make music, to “sing” their songs and tell their stories through their instruments is immeasurable and indescribable, but fortunately for everyone, it is not elusive – the magic of the fun, swinging energy that Sean and friends let loose in their jazz originals, painted with elements of rock, blues and funk, was captured that memorable night in this old-style gem of a recording, intended to keep listeners feeling and grooving to the music for a long, long time.

Hey! Where's My Tux?! focuses on original compositions and new arrangements of time-honored standards. The Sean J. Kennedy Band has opened for Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra at the Kimmel Center, performed on NBC numerous times, and continues to create new music, concertize and keep jazz alive.