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The Absolute Essentials Of Songwriting SuccessAlfred Music Publishing, the leader in educational music publishing since 1922, is proud to release a new book on the fundamental steps to becoming a hit songwriter, entitled The Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success, by Rand Bishop.

Author and hit tunesmith, Rand Bishop draws from 40 years in the music-biz trenches and visits some of the most honored song crafters of the last five decades in his latest book. Unveiling a long-term strategy for building a career composing hit songs, the lessons, essays, quotations, and profiles in this book reveal how a "Song Dog" becomes "Top Dog" in the songwriting business.

"There are a lot of great books on song craft and the machinations of music business," says author, Rand Bishop, "But The Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success is the very first book to offer a pragmatic, step-by-step approach to building a viable career as a professional songwriter."

Readers of The Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success will learn the history and business of songwriting, discover the various sources of songwriting revenues, find out what to look for and where to seek constructive mentorship, how to network and with whom, the best way to market themselves, how to write strategically to give their original compositions their best shot, and how to produce a demo that stands out from the competition.

"The Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success is the first book I have worked on with Rand and it was an absolute pleasure," says L. C. Harnsberger, Alfred's M.I. editor-in-chief. "The book contains a very accurate overview of the music business with a great balance of stories and anecdotes that make this a truly enjoyable read."

The book includes interviews with and profiles of some of the most successful pop song crafters of the last half-century, including Tom Snow, Steve Dorff, Rory Michael Bourke, Liz Rose, Kent Blazy, and Tim James. Also included are profiles of legendary producers and musicians including Phil Spector, Lieber and Stoller, "Mutt" Lange, Desmond Child, Jay-Z, Sean Combs, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Jason Blume, Max Martin, Steve Kipner, Mike Reid, and more.

"It's amazing how similar these career paths are," remarks Bishop. "The delivery system for music continues to evolve, decade after decade, but tunesmiths have found and sustained success pretty much the same way since Stephen Foster emerged as the first 'professional songwriter' in the mid-19th century."

The Absolute Essentials of Songwriting Success is now available for $19.99. Pick up your copy at a local music retail store, or buy it today through the Drummer Cafe!

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