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As the Ludwig Drum Company moves into its 100th Anniversary in 2009, it proudly introduces its first anniversary-linked entry: Ludwig Centennial Series Maple Drums. The Ludwig Centennial Series fuses the need for reliable gear with the desire for perfect drum tone in one exceptional package. Expandable to fit the needs of any playing style, Centennial Series Drums are Ludwig's answer to the battle-cry of the mobile percussionist.

The Centennial Series Drums start with 6-ply (toms and floor toms) and 8-ply (snare and bass drums) North American Maple shells. Augmented with Ludwig's new Classic Micro-Lug, Vibra-band mounting system on toms, and 2.3mm drum hoops, Centennial Series presents the road-worthy player with new ways to expand their spectrum of tone. Centennial's three "Core" shell packs each come standard with a bass drum (20", 22", or 24", each with a 20" depth for added low and punch), a 12" rack tom, 16" floor tom, and snare drum. Where it goes from there is up to the player. Available kick drums, snare drums, and component drums from 8" to 18", add the ability to custom configure the kit is in the hands of the drummer. Finish options include transparent high-gloss and Ludwig's new 2mm SuperFlake Sparkle Lacquers, for a spectacular look to augment Centennial's massive sound.

"Ludwig snare drums have been the industry standard since 1911 and the tradition and quality continues on today better than ever with a sound that could only be Ludwig", said Kevin Packard, director of marketing, combo percussion. "Ludwig's family of artists extends across so many genres; from rock to jazz to country and beyond; that's why we wanted to create something that would be at home in any playing situation".

Centennial Series "2-Up/2-Down" Shell Configuration Silver SuperFlake Sparkle Lacquer Finish (Model #s LRC22, LRC7510, LRC1314F), Centennial Series 20" Core Shell Pack (Model #LRC20), Centennial Series 22" Core Shell Pack (Model #LRC22), and Centennial Series 24" Core Shell Pack (Model #LRC24) are all currently available for to order. Retail prices start at less than $1400.

For more information, visit www.ludwig-drums.com.