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Meinl Vintage Pure Crash Cymbal

Building on the success of the Byzance Vintage Pure Rides, Meinl Cymbals is now releasing Vintage Pure Hihats and Vintage Pure Crashes. Available are the following models:

14" Pure Hihat                 15" Pure Hihat
18" Pure Crash                 20" Pure Crash

The sound of these new cymbals is extremely dry with little to no wash. The Pure Hihats have a very defined and direct stick sound which allows the drummer to play complex patterns and keep control over the build-up. When played by foot, the Pure Hihats respond instantly with a dark and dry, yet cutting sound. The crashes are tonally matched featuring a dry and low pitched sound with a relatively fast decay.

"As soon as we released our Vintage Pure Rides we immediately got the feedback from our artists and drummers around the world telling us their demand for matching crashes and hihats," comments Meinl's international artist relations manager Norbert Saemann. "Those new models will complement that series perfectly and will surely find many fans. They are the next level of dry so to speak and are really inspiring for any drummer."

The Byzance Vintage Series Pure Hihats and Crashes are hand hammered in Meinl’s own Turkish factory from B20 bronze. Their raw and earthy appearance comes from a special treatment during the manufacturing process. Every cymbal is unique in sound and look. They are recommended for multiple styles of music, such as Jazz, Funk, RnB, Soul, and Pop. They work fantastic on stage or in the studio.