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By Joe Morello As Book + CD Package

Rudimental Jazz

Rudimental Jazz: A Musical Application Of The Rudiments To The Drumset by Joe Morello thoroughly documents the approach that the legendary drummer, teacher, and author, as well as many other drumming greats, have used to apply the standard snare drum rudiments (open rolls, diddles, flams, ruffs, etc.) to the drumset. First published in 1967 and long out of print, the book was written at the height of Morello's popularity and influence-during a pivotal period in the history of drumming when musical styles were expanding and drumset technique was evolving.

Now updated to include an audio CD with demonstrations of the book's many exercises and examples, Rudimental Jazz reveals why rudiments remain relevant in the modern age and how they can be applied to a variety of contemporary musical situations. The book contains information and exercises designed to help drummers develop their technical facility and convert it into musical skills in ways that can be heard in the drumming of today's leading players, from Steve Gadd, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Billy Cobham to David Garibaldi, Keith Carlock, and Travis Barker.

In his preface to the new edition, world-renowned drummer and teacher-and former Morello student-John Riley says, "Yes, the rudiments work great in a military context; they are also applicable in an orchestral context. Joe Morello is a jazz drummer, so Rudimental Jazz explores the exact same rudiments in a jazz context. But the reality is that you can play Joe's orchestrations of the rudiments in any groove you want, so the book really could be titled Rudimental Rock, Rudimental Funk, Rudimental Hip-Hop, and so on."

In addition to sections on adapting the individual rudiments for the drumset, the forty-seven-page tutorial offers suggestions for combining multiple rudiments into patterns around the kit and much more. Rudimental Jazz is a classic text with virtually limitless modern applications and is highly recommended for teachers and students of all levels or for any player who wants to improve his or her technique and musicianship.

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