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Modern Drummer Publications has announced that four of its original drum method books are now available with newly produced audio CDs. The upgraded books, all of which were written by Modern Drummer's founder, Ron Spagnardi, include Progressive Independence: Rock, Progressive Independence: Jazz, Cross-Sticking Studies, and Building Bass Drum Technique. The CDs contain studio-quality audio files, allowing students and teachers to reinforce the exercises by listening to audio examples of the written material.

  • Progressive Independence: Rock by Ron Spagnardi
    Created to help rock drummers achieve the four-way independence needed to play patterns on the snare and bass drum in combination with standard ride cymbal and hi-hat rhythms.
  • Progressive Independence: Jazz by Ron Spagnardi
    A systematic approach that will improve any drummer's independence through a series of exercises that juxtapose snare drum, bass drum, and snare/bass drum rhythms against a basic jazz ride pattern.
  • Cross-Sticking Studies by Ron Spagnardi
    Ninety-six pages of dynamic cross-sticking combinations carefully designed to improve drumset facility and add rhythmic interest and visual flair to solo playing.
  • Building Bass Drum Technique by Ron Spagnardi
    Written for single bass drum players who wish to develop a greater level of bass drum foot strength, speed, endurance, and control.

Modern Drummer and Hal Leonard have also announced they are in the process of converting MD's collection of more than two dozen books into e-books. This will enable MD's popular educational content to be accessed on computers as well as digital readers such as the Kindle and iPad. A list of currently available MD e-books includes classics such as The Great Jazz Drummers, The Jazz Drummer's Workshop, Master Studies I and II, and The New Breed, with additional titles scheduled to be released in the coming months.

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