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Clyde Stubblefield

Donation Campaign Launched To Support Drummer Coping With Kidney Failure

In July 2009 funk drumming legend Clyde Stubblefield, whose sampled beats from his innovative recordings with James Brown have shaped the sound of hip hop and drum & bass music, suffered kidney failure and began weekly dialysis treatment. In July 2010, a coalition of Stubblefield's supporters, from across the full spectrum of the music industry, joined to spread word of a new safe and simple avenue created for donating financial support directly to Stubblefield, who continues to perform while dealing with the stress regular kidney dialysis treatments demand.

Stubblefield, 67, who has overcome bladder cancer and is diabetic, now requires lifetime kidney dialysis treatment. He remains optimistic as deals with his new situation, determined to work steadily. "I just want to be happy," he says.

"Give The Drummer Some!" is a donation campaign created by The Coalition for Clyde Stubblefield for the purpose of helping Stubblefield find financial relief through this process. A website at chipin.com, a service tailored expressly for this purpose, has been established to collect donations which are funneled directly to him safely and securely through PayPal.

Clyde Stubblefield - ChipIn!On the webpage, prospective donators can click on a widget and send the donation amount of their choice. Participants are also encouraged to join The Coalition by spreading the word and embedding the widget on their own websites and social media pages. There are simple instructions on Stubblefield's chipin page for making that work instantly.

The Coalition for Clyde Stubblefield is an alliance of artists and industry united to assist Stubblefield by spreading word of this effort, founded by drummers Stanton Moore, Johnny Rabb and David Stanoch. The three drummers share and acknowledge a deep respect for Stubblefield's musical innovations, which is reflected in their own playing and advocated in their work as educators."The importance of Clyde's innovations and contributions to the fabric of America's cultural landscape is immeasurable and often overlooked," states Moore, who is the celebrated drummer with the popular New Orleans band, Galactic."His funk with James Brown was so powerful that other artists could not resist taking and using his grooves as the foundation for their music. He hasn't received the recognition that he deserves," elaborates Rabb, an acknowledged drumming innovator in the realm of drum & bass music.

"It is arguable that Clyde's drumming can be heard on more hits simultaneously in more underground dance clubs than any other drummer in human history," continues Moore. "Over the years, Clyde hasn't been compensated as he should have been by the hundreds of artists whose hits looped his beats. Now is our chance to help Clyde and show him the respect he deserves," Rabb states emphatically.

Drummer/percussionist Stanoch, a faculty member of McNally Smith College of Music, who has produced, performed and recorded a variety of music with Stubblefield, explains the value of working with Rabb and Moore. "When I first heard of Clyde's kidney failure I put out the word to mutual friends so they could contact Clyde with messages of support. Johnny & Stanton stood out because they both immediately wanted to get involved in doing something significant to help and they weren't short on ideas, either."

The Coalition is the culmination of a variety of efforts explored for providing the maximum possible impact in assisting Stubblefield. "And there's more options we're exploring as well," says Stanoch, "but with this we have an ongoing, open channel to Clyde that anyone who wants to help can access worldwide, 24/7, to contribute, and they can promote the effort themselves by embedding the widget easily into their own social media networks. We hope to see the Coalition grow in leaps and bounds!"To that end, The Coalition's founders have reached out and gained the support of a "who's who" of artist and industry who are helping to spread the word, to-date including esteemed musicians Steve Gadd, Questlove, Butch Vig, Steve Jordan, Bernard Purdie, Zigaboo Modeliste, Fred Wesley, Jab'o Starks, David Garibaldi and Tower of Power, Mike Clark, Bob Babbitt, Richard Davis, Andy Newmark, Keith Carlock, John Blackwell, Adam Deitch, Michael Shrieve, Steve White, Wally Ingram and Hannah Ford; renowned drum educators Jim Payne, Chuck Silverman, Frank Briggs and Daniel Glass; premier manufacturers Vic Firth and Johnny Rabb drumsticks, Yamaha, Gretsch and Drum Workshop drums, Meinl, Bosphorus and Paiste cymbals; Alfred and Hudson Music Publishing; Bart Elliott's Drummer Cafe; entertainment attorney Paul Quin, and many more.

"We're blessed with heavy-hitters onboard from every direction of the music industry. They are our greatest assets for getting people's attention and spreading the word of our effort, explains Stanoch, "We want Clyde to have the opportunity to feel the soulfulness of everyone whose life he has touched as we come together on his behalf. For more information and to make a donation, visit: clydestubblefield.chipin.com/clyde-stubblefield

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