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For a very limited time, Noble & Cooley is offering their much sought after Horizon series shells with CD Hardware.

The Horizon series incorporated a revolutionary new shell design that offered a distinctive sound from conventional sized drums. The shell is a multiple ply design of maple with an inner veneer of mahogany to provide a softer resonating surface. The plies were placed horizontally (with the exception of two stabilizing plies) which increases trueness, resonance, and pitch clarity. The results are the Horizons maintain a clear, transparent, pure tone with enhanced attack characteristics, narrow sustain, and controlled decay. These tonal qualities are characteristics of solid shells and are especially good for miking and recording.

The toms are 8"x10”, 9"x12”, 10"x13”, and 14"x16” with either a 17"x20” or 17"x22” bass drum. The kits are available in three colors: maple, cherry, and black with a matte polyurethane finish. The hardware is finished in black chrome with triple flanged hoops and matching black chrome suspenders. These kits will be offered with Evans heads as the original Horizon series was.

Contact your dealer for details – but don’t delay, or they WILL be gone!