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On the Beaten Path for Beginners

Alfred Music Publishing, home to the world’s largest percussion print music catalog, is for the first time including all-new DVDs with its bestselling On the Beaten Path: Beginning Drumset Course, a three-volume method to playing the drums featuring carefully selected beats and fills from hit songs made famous by legendary drummers, by award-winning drummer, clinician, and author Rich Lackowski.

Born from the award-winning On the Beaten Path series, On the Beaten Path: Beginning Drumset Course features 100% authentic transcriptions to over 100 famous drum beats and fills, clearly defined and demonstrated step-by-step on each DVD by Rich himself. Each new beat and fill presented builds on the previous lesson, progressively taking the drummer to new musical heights, all in a friendly paced and easy-to-follow method. Rudiments and techniques are also progressively introduced throughout the series as they are needed to play the beats and fills. The accompanying audio CD contains all the beats and fills presented in the books.

Level 1 begins with all the basics of drumset playing, from describing the various parts of the drumset, setup and tuning, and drumstick and drumhead selection, to how to hold the drumsticks, hand and foot technique, and reading music. Drumming techniques such as flams, drags, and one- and two-handed patterns for open and closed hi-hat are presented in the context of learning to play more than two dozen authentic rock beats and fills from celebrated drummers including Steven Adler (Guns N’ Roses), John Bonham (Led Zeppelin), Tré Cool (Green Day), Steve Gorman (The Black Crowes), Dave Grohl (Nirvana), Levon Helm (The Band), Phil Jones (Tom Petty), Joey Kramer (Aerosmith), Ian Paice (Deep Purple), Phil Rudd (AC/DC), Alex Van Halen (Van Halen), and Meg White (The White Stripes).

In Level 2, drumming vocabulary is expanded with more than 50 authentic blues and jazz beats and fills to unlock coordination and syncopation skills every drummer must master. Learn to play beats and fills by Steve Jordan (The Blues Brothers), Chris Layton (Stevie Ray Vaughan), Max Roach (Miles Davis), Buddy Rich, and many more. You'll also learn to play double-stroke rolls, buzz rolls, the 9-stroke roll, accents, rim clicks, ghost notes, crescendos, and decrescendos. You’ll also learn valuable concepts like call and response, reading and playing cues, and improvisation.

Level 3 teaches how to play with over 30 authentic country, funk, reggae, Latin, and jazz beats and fills by legendary drummers, including Carlton Barrett (Bob Marley), Joseph "Zigaboo" Modeliste (The Meters), Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Neil Peart (Rush), and many more. Concepts presented include polyrhythms, sextuplets, dropping bombs, rim shots, open hi-hat splashes, stick clicks, the 5-stroke roll, trading fours, and buzz strokes, in addition to learning how to play in more time signatures, double time, half time, ritardandos, and accelerandos.

Upon completion of the On the Beaten Path: Beginning Drumset Course, students will be exposed to the essentials to being a highly proficient drummer—from reading and writing music to playing with healthy technique to keep you drumming for a lifetime—with a well-rounded vocabulary of over 100 famous beats and fills that can be used to create your own music and start playing in bands. All three levels of the course can be used with or without a teacher.

On the Beaten Path: Beginning Drumset Course is now available as Book, CD, and DVD sets for $19.99 (Level 1) and for $24.99 (Levels 2 & 3) each, and can be found at music retail stores or online today through the Drummer Cafe. DVD and Book & CD set are also available, sold separately.