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Drummer and educator, Owen Liversidge, has recently launched his own publication company, Teacher And Student Publications. along with the release of two new books, The Teacher and Student Method Drum Set Studies Exercise - Book One and The Teacher and Student Method Drum Set Studies Exercise - Book Two.

The Teacher and Student Method series offers a complete curriculum designed so that the teacher and student can work together in learning how to play a musical instrument.

"Our books are much different from the regular instructional publications, in that the teacher now has materials and tools provided to instruct the student throughout the curriculum, before advancing to the many exercises on each subject," says Liversidge. "We’ve done away with the written instructions and diagrams, which are unnecessary in a one-on-one teaching environment, instead filling the pages with comprehensive lesson plans."

Topics coveredare very extensive, so the student is fully immersed in everything they need to learn. If the student requires further instruction on anything in the books, the "Teacher’s Notes" pages allow the instructor to expand on what has already been taught. These personal pages can also provide students with an opportunity for additional exercises from the teacher, as well as practice techniques or written samples from songs to illustrate how one would use the exercises when playing with music.

Highlights include:

• Comprehensive and progressive exercise material.
• Learn how to play steady beats with a variety of note values.
• Learn how to play fills, and then create your own with your teacher.
• Get into shape with endurance exercises and drum set workouts.
• Touch upon a variety of different musical styles.
• All exercises have “Beginner” and “Advanced” instructions.
• Progress through to some challenging topics and exercises.
• The “Teacher’s Notes” pages allow for personal instruction on every subject.
• The “Blank Manuscript” pages give the student a place to be creative.
• Plus much, much more!

Whether you are a drum instructor or a beginning student, The Teacher and Student Method Drum Set Studies will get you to where you need to go. For more information about these books and future publications, visit www.teacherandstudentbooks.com.

"In the saturated world of drum set instructional books, it becomes increasingly difficult for one book to stand out from the crowd. From applying rudiments to double-bass drumming, just about every topic imaginable has already been covered. Luckily for us, a new wave of authors has appeared on the drumming landscape, creating novel approaches to help both student and teacher. Owen Liversidge has done this with his new book, The Teacher and Student Method Drum Set Studies."

Andy Ziker, author of Drumcraft: A Beginner’s Guide to the Drumkit