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The Mighty BC2 Now in a Slim-Line 19” Rack Mount Version


With its BC2 and BC Gigster personal drum monitor systems garnering rave reviews in the media and endorsements from top drummers including John Tempesta, Gavin Harrison, JR Robinson and Korn’s Ray Luzier, UK-based Porter & Davies now introduces the BC2rm, a slim-line (2-unit) 19” rack-mountable version of its top-of-the-line BC2.

Like the flight-cased BC2 and lightweight, streamlined Gigster, the BC2rm – which includes the BC control unit and P&D’s patented transducer-loaded drum throne – delivers Stealth Monitoring® that enables users to hear their drums internally via the company’s innovative Bone Conduction® technology (thus the BC name). “The unit,” said technical director/designer Tim Porter, “shapes the sound, the seat delivers it.”

“The brief for the BC2rm was very specific,” continued Porter. “Make a BC2 in a 19” rack-mount format – otherwise don’t change a thing.” To make that happen I did a complete redesign of the internal layout while keeping all the musical characteristics. Everything – internal cabling, connectors and even the physical size of the individual components – was re-evaluated and adjusted or improved to fit the thin-line case. Like the other two systems, the BC2rm is all about state-of-the-art personalized drum monitoring in a compact design.”

Because they are tactile monitors and do not require any speakers whatsoever – just the control unit and the drum throne – Porter & Davies BC monitor systems eliminate the need for onstage monitor subs, though a wedge or IEMS (in-ears) are recommended for other instruments the drummer wants to hear, all of which, according to Porter, “makes all of the BC models ideal for even the smallest stages, but also great for stadium gigs.”

The BC2rm retails for £999 (inc. vat) including the Porter and Davies throne top, US retail is $1299.

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