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BC Gigster - Rich Redmond

Porter & Davies, the British based designers and builders of the revolutionary drum monitoring system, are delighted to announce that rhythm master Rich Redmond now uses the BC Gigster.

Rich Redmond is the drummer of choice for top Nashville recording and multi-award winning artist Jason Aldean. He is an influential, versatile and dynamic drummer whose style is to keep it simple yet when the occasion calls for it, really goes for it in a big way. In 2010 he was awarded best Country, best Clinician and Best Recorded Performance by Modern Drummer readers and followed this up in 2011 with Best Country Drummer in Drum! Magazine. He has played behind many of today’s top talents including Bryan Adams and Joe Perry, plus is a regular on many TV shows such as The Voice, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Good Morning America and of course The Grammy Awards.

When asked why he chooses to use the BC Gigster, Rich commented, “The Gigster has truly inspired my performances. With ZERO latency, I can feel every bit of that low-end thump that is the building block for all backbeat music. Take your groove up a notch with the Gigster!”

The BC Gigster uses bone conduction to deliver accurate, intense reproduction of every subtlety of the drumming without delay or sound. The significant increase in tactile connection to the kit improves confidence and drummers experience better dynamics. It is available in a 115 volt version for North America. To feel it is to believe it!

Rich Redmond joins a fast growing roster of influential drummers using the Porter & Davies monitoring systems which includes, JR Robinson, Tommy Lee, Kenny Aronoff, Ray Luzier, Gerald Heyward, Dave Mattacks, Matt Sorum, Lenny White and many more.

To find out more about the BC2, BC2rm and BC Gigster as well as all the Porter & Davies endorsees visit www.porteranddavies.co.uk.