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Pro Cymbal

Introducing the latest in their range of patented cymbal cleaning machines and cymbal restoration products, Pro Cymbal will debut their new PC-3000 at the 2012 Winter NAMM Show.

The Pro Cymbal PC-3000 has a redesigned, compact structure for improved ergonomical support and comfort, and now caters to both left handed and right handed operators by changing from forward or reverse with a flick of a switch. The 1/4 horsepower motor combined with Pro Cymbal's multi belt system delivers the equivalent of 3/4 hp in torque and goes from 0 to 800 rpm in seconds which offers the immediate results even at the beginning of the simple cymbal cleaning process. The responsive potentiometer foot switch is designed to give complete control of both speed and torque by locking in the user's preferences, for setting to "cruise control" or facilitating a prompt stop. At 65 pounds, it is considerably lighter than previous models, which allows for easier transport and a quicker clean up. The PC-3000 holds universal appeal as it is designed tooperate in conjunction with most countries' electrical systems and comes with a 3-year warranty.

Gene Provencio, founder of Pro Cymbal, Inc says, "Our goal is for drummers, drum technicians and retail stores to not only be able to clean cymbals effectively and efficiently, but to also be able to fully restore them. With Pro Cymbal's new PC-3000 model, cymbals can be wiped clean to the metal on the most tarnished neglected cymbals, manufacture logos can be restored and a clear protective coating can be applied upon request. We are proud to have collaborated with leading artists and cymbal manufacturers using our original PC-1 and PC-2 models to bring our new PC-3000 model to the industry. This important R&D process has allowed us to offer a considerably improved product at a greatly reduced price to the end user." To witness the power and efficiency of the new PC-3000 cymbal restoration machine, please visit Pro Cymbal at their new booth location in Hall D #3560.

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