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Protection Racket receive hundreds of letters from their customers, and recently found out their famous drum cases gave protection above and beyond the call of duty.

David Kirby from Southampton, United Kingdom wrote in to say how the cases have saved the day for his precious drum kit ... David takes up the story from here ...

Fire Damage"I have a 6 piece Yamaha beech Custom drum kit which is my pride and joy and comprises of 22" Bass, 12", 13" and 14" Toms, 16" floor tom and matching wood snare, all mounted on a Gibraltar rack and all kept in protection racket drum cases, with the hardware in a protection racket hardware bag and rack case.

Crimewatch"My kit when not in use is kept in my dads 7 bay garage where he stores his classic cars, which are his pride and joy. In the earlier hours of Sunday the 31st of May two teenage arsonists set fire to my Dad's garage causing devastation to his cars and over £50,000 of damage. My drum kit was stored at the other end from where the fire was started. However there was smoke and heat damage to items stored at that end of the garage including a white Mark 2 Jaguar which was used at my wedding last year and has now only just been re-sprayed.

Drums after the fire"I had expected my drum kit to be a write off and the following weekend when we were clearing up the devastation I went to check. I pulled out the closest drum from where it was stored, which would have been the one most exposed to the heat and smoke. The case was damp from the water used by the fireman to put out the fire, and dirty from the smoke and soot so I was not expecting much.

"However when I unzipped the case and pulled out the drum it was immaculate and completely unscathed. If I had used plastic cases they would have melted all over the drums and hardware and destroyed thousands of pounds of drum equipment ... the Protection Racket cases saved my kit from destruction. Thank you Protection Racket."

David Kirby

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