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Protection Racket - Nutcases singlesWorld famous for their range of drum cases, Protection Racket have for a long time offered an entry level range called ‘Nutcases’. Up to now the Nutcases were only available to purchase in five piece sets in Rock and Fusion sizes.

Protection Racket now offers their Nutcases in a range of sizes to be purchased individually, providing greater choice and flexibility for its customers. So if you’ve got a four piece kit, or ten piece drum kit, you can tailor your order to the exact sizes you need.

The new range will be available in the following sizes :

Rack Toms : 8”x8” , 10”x9” , 12”x10” , 13”x11” , 14”x12” , 15”x13” & 16”x14” . All tom cases large enough to accommodate drums fitted with suspension mounting systems.

14” & 16” floor toms

20”, 22” & 24” bass drums – depths can accommodate 16” – 18” bass drum depths.

14” x 5” & 14” x 6 snares.

Nutcases offer superb value for money and are made using Outer Racketex™, Protection Rackets ultra durable waterproof polyester, together with 15mm foam padding. With ergonomic handles, heavy duty buckles and lightweight design, Nutcases will seriously damage your ability to abuse your drums!

Protection Racket can also announce that filled with confidence in their superior quality, they have extended the warranty on ALL their cases from 12 to 24 months – WORLDWIDE!