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Protection Racket Stick Bag

Protection Racket has listened to customer feedback, followed their continual product improvement plan and upgraded their range of five stick cases.

All the elastic straps have been replaced with new strong webbing straps, which are more hard wearing and the cases now come complete with quick release metal clips for added strength and durability. A new feature is an external popper to close the case once it is zipped-up to give extra protection and prevent any chance of your sticks falling out.

Plus, to make sure you really stand out form the crowd all the stick cases are now available for the first time in white. So the next time you play a festival – you will be able to find it easily in all the mud!

The range of stick cases offers a choice for everyone and every need. The slim line model is for the quick get away, travelling light with three pairs of sticks and comes in a standard (product No. 6027, RRP £16.99) or deluxe finish (product No. 6029, RRP £23.99). Then comes the standard case with space for ten pairs of sticks (product No. 6025, RRP £16.99). There is also a larger deluxe case for the more discerning drummer that wants to treat his twelve pairs of sticks to a little luxury when they travel (product No. 6024, RRP £24.99). Next is the supersize case for all the big boys out there that simply cannot narrow their choice down below sixteen pairs of sticks (product No.6026, RRP £23.99).

Protection Racket stick cases are made to the same rigorous construction quality as their drum cases by some very cool surfer dudes in Cornwall. It is a must have drum accessory for gigging drummers everywhere.

To find out more about the Protection Racket range stick case range please visit www.protectionracket.co.uk