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Random Touch - A Way From the HeardRandom Touch is Scott Hamill (guitars), James Day (keyboards) and Christopher Brown (drums/vocals) who first collaborated in the 1970's. Pure improvisation was one among many sound experiments. Over time it became the preferred mode for music making.

With the music of A Way From the Heard (Token Boy Records, 2009) Random Touch has arrived at a new level of expression. Rock and symphonic music are more fully merged on much of the album, and their long developed technique of abandon is exercised with deft maturity. The result is an unbridled expression of sound as emotion. The colors are more vivid, the gestures wider; very l ittle remains in the shadows. The music seems to sense that it's time has ripened.

The trio came of age musically when Mozart's legendary improvisations were all but forgotten and when only jazz musicians and a handful of rock bands played with improvisation. Those that did so operated within the strict confines of a song. The trio's bliss, however, lay in the direction of pure improvisation. Over time they have come to rely on the tools of abandon and serendipity to activate their vision. The ripened fruit of their creative energies is the CD A Way From the Heard, their twelfth release.

"Think of how string theory has posited as many as 11 dimensions; I have no doubt that one or more of these "extra" dimensions comes into play with the music of Random Touch. We experience abundance and freedom precisely because of our access to these extra dimensions." — Christopher Brown, drums

"Autonomous music-making...Freeform by definition...Yet our performances seek just one goal: That of producing music that reaches in to your most internal thoughts and stimulates your sense of wonder. As a group our music is individualistic, self-supporting, uncontrolled and detached. It is music delivered with a peculiar and distinct sound, as if assembled with the power of a strong nuclear force." — James Day, keyboards

Random Touch recordings are available at Amazon.com and www.randomtouch.com.

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