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The AAX and HH/HHX Pre-Packs are Ready to Play.

The challenge for many in choosing appropriate cymbals for church, gospel, and similar applications has led SABIAN to introduce Praise & Worship pre-packs in AAX and HH/HHX cymbal combinations. Each contains a splash, hi-hats, a crash, and a ride. Also included as a bonus is a second, free, crash for a total of 5 models per pack - everything a drummer requires. The choice of series and models is based on what has proven popular with top Gospel and Praise & Worship players including Jeff 'Lo' Davis, Calvin Rodgers, Brian Haley, Brian Frasier-Moore, and Ken Lewis, who because they also play various other styles also appreciate the versatility of the chosen cymbals. Each set is 'Sonically Matched' for sound and performance compatibility. Both sets are quality-protected by the SABIAN Two-Year Warranty.

Said Mark Love, SABIAN Master Product Specialist, "AAX, HHX, and HH cymbals are ideal because Praise & Worship music requires a wide range of musical dynamics. The hats are medium top/heavy bottom for crisp, clear sticking; the splash is quick and punchy; the crash is fast and full; and the ride has a bright bell with clear stroke response across the rest of its surface. By being responsive at all volumes - from low to loud - and producing tonal qualities preferred for this music, both Praise & Worship sets - AAX for brighter sounds, HH/HHX for warmer, darker tones - are ideal for small or large musical and venue settings."

Sabian Performance Packs

Cymbals in Praise & Worship Performance Sets are available in Natural Finish, or, at no extra charge, high-gloss Brilliant Finish.

Praise & Worship Pack 1
AAX Performance Pack for Gospel, Praise & Worship Music
  • 11" AAX X-Plosion Splash
  • 13" AAX Stage Hats
  • 16" AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash
  • 21" AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride BONUS
  • 18" AAX X-Plosion Fast Crash
Praise & Worship Pack 2
HH/HHX Performance Pack for Gospel, Praise & Worship Music
  • 12" HH Splash
  • 13" HH Fusion Hi-Hats
  • 16" HHX Evolution Crash
  • 21" HH Raw Bell Dry Ride
  • BONUS 18" HHX Evolution Crash

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