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Designed for and with drum virtuoso and showman extraordinaire John Blackwell of Prince and Justin Timberlake fame, the JB1365 stands out immediately with its Black Nickel shell and hardware, contrasting white "JB" initials and small but deep 6.5 x 13" size. The size, in concert with the 1.2 mm steel shell with an exaggerated flanged sound edge, gives the John Blackwell Signature Palette snare drum the great feel, playability and rebound of a 13" drum with the sound and textures of a much larger drum. Another very different feature is the Sound-Access Air System which allows the option of playing with all air vents sealed for a full sound, or up to three air vents open for slightly drier and darker snare drum sounds.


TAMA - John Blackwell Signature Snare - JB1365


JB1365 Signature lists for $459.99

"I've played a lot of snare drums over the years of all different depths and diameters," said the artist on his new John Blackwell Signature Palette snare drum. "But I selected a 6.5 x 13" steel shell for the JB because it gives me a rim shot that's out of this world and the fattest, deepest snare sound ever. I chose triple-flanged hoops for that old school sound and feel that works in any kind of music. The sound possibilities are unlimited with my signature snare drum. I believe it's Tama's most beautiful looking and sounding snare."


  • Size: 6.5 x 13"
  • Shell: 1.2mm in Black Nickel finish with 15mm fold-over sound edge
  • Drum Hardware: Black Nickel
  • Drum Heads: 13" Remo Ambassador Coated Batter/Snare
  • Snappy Snares: Hi-carbon steel
  • Strainer/Butt: MUS80ABN/MUS8088N
  • Hoops: Triple flanged 8-hole
  • Other: Hold Tight washers

For more information, visit their web site at www.tama.com.