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Taye TSWM1407SNW

Taye Drums has released the next edition in their ever-expanding series of Taye Specialty snare drums. The TSWM1407SNW combines walnut and maple within a 14”x 7” shell for a unique snare drum sound. The walnut plies give the drum a bright/dry tone, while the maple adds just enough warmth and sustain. Now, add the 6-ply Maple SoundRings™ for a focused attack and you have a cutting, full-bodied snare. Finally, the high gloss lacquer finish and vintage style tube lugs complete the look.

Retail is $649.00

Taye GK1411F-DS

Taye Drums is excited to announce two new additions to GoKit line for 2012: “Daytona Sunset,” a new color and a 14x11 Add-on Floor Tom. “Daytona Sunset” represents a brighter look for the GoKit while also being a classic color that will appeal to many tastes. The GK1411F is a 14” x 11” Floor Tom on legs utilizing the same Select Premium Birch – Basswood shell as the rest of the GoKit line. This Add-on drum is available in Daytona Sunset, Antique Honey and White Pearl.

Retail for the GK1411F is $399.00

Taye ParaSonic

ParaSonic broken down means, “para” (side by side) and “sonic” (sound or tone). Taye has combined the two most popular woods used today in manufacturing professional drums: Maple and Birch. The smaller diameter drums use a combination of Maple and Birch within a slightly thicker shell to create a naturally higher pitch and brighter fundamental tone. On the other hand, as the drums increase in diameter, they become slightly thinner and eventually 100% Maple with 6plyMaple SoundRings™. The thinner, all Maple shells produce a naturally lower pitch, warmer tone, and longer sustain. Even more impressive, ParaSonic is being offered with a very aggressive retail price to make this hybrid high-end line affordable for the average drummer. ParaSonic is being released in three popular shell pack configurations and three new Brilliant High Gloss Lacquer finishes that are exclusive to the line.