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BumChum - BC2

Porter & Davies are excited to announce a major evolution of the infamous BumChum: The BC2. The BC2 includes a large range of upgrades and remarkable technical specifications. All brought to you at a new lower price.

The BC2 gives you great connectivity to your drum kit whilst playing and recording, allowing you to feel and experience your bass drum through your drum throne. Improvements included:-

  • Voltage selector switch for use in the USA, Japan etc.
  • Phantom Power to accommodate both dynamic and condenser microphones.
  • Line XLR socket which now accepts both balanced and unbalanced input.
  • NL4 sockets and connector leads
  • Even smaller and more ergonomic flight case
  • More comfortable thrones (round or tractor) with superior clamping mechanism


The new lower price of £999 inc vat* has been achieved by increasing production volume to meet sales demand and better sourcing of components.

Impressed by technical capabilities of the BC2 and its incredible portability the BC2 already has a number of leading drummers using it and their quotes speak for themselves:

John ‘JR’ Robinson; (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton and more) "Finally, a company comes through and makes a low end monitoring system that works. The BC2 by Porter & Davies is extremely efficient and accurate to every bass drum beat I play. There is no lag time. BC2 is a light weight system that is incorporated into your drum throne. This system can eliminate a subwoofer on stage thus eliminating stage volume. BC2 kicks ass!”

Gavin Harrison; (Porcupine Tree) "The Porter and Davies BC 2 gives me a reassuring feeling every time I hit the bass drum. It really gives me control of my pedal articulation - and that in turn makes it easier to play the bass drum more accurately".

Steve White; (Paul Weller) “The BC2 is an integral part of my set up now, both studio and live, it’s not a luxury it’s a necessity.”

Craig Blundell; (Worldwide Roland demonstrator) “Every note you play is felt through your body and it makes monitoring so easy and the V-Drums experience is taken to a whole new level. I can't begin to tell you how good this is". "I knew the product was good but never knew it would be THAT good, it's utterly brilliant."

Other endorsees include: Jamie Morrison (Duffy), Derrick McKenzie (Jamiroquai), Damon Wilson (Feeder/Ray Davies/Sugarbabes/Joss Stone), Lee Agnew (Nazareth), Ollie Boorman (West End show Chess)

The BC2 is highly portable, small, light and easy to use. It allows you to experience your bass drum like you never have before using bone conduction to deliver powerful, precise and nuanced reproduction without sound. Whether you are playing pub gigs, a jobbing drummer or a touring pro, Audio Techs (and your ears) will love the quieter more controlled stage. You’ll never want to play live again without it.

The BC2 is available now and priced at £999* in the UK. For further details, worldwide pricing and where to buy the product, contact us through our brand new website at www.porteranddavies.co.uk