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ThunderEcho Drums Company - Trash Kat

Trash Kat Drum Patent is Granted to Brain Injury Survivor, Kevin Reed, Owner of ThunderEcho Drum Company

"It's great!" asserts Kevin Reed, traumatic brain injury survivor and suburban inventor of the Trash Kat Drum, reflecting upon the drum patent (#7547836) granted to him this week by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The Trash Kat drum is a large floor drum fashioned from a galvanized trash can. Kevin built the first drum prototype while slowly recovering from a 1994 catastrophic, work-related, traumatic brain injury that left him in a coma for 75 days. His love of music helped him deal with paralysis of the right side of his body, hearing loss, double vision, aphasia, and numerous medical setbacks. In 2000 he composed Odyssey, a percussion ensemble suite expressing brain injury recovery in four movements: Injury, Coma, Rehabilitation and Celebration of Life.

By 2001 the Kevin Reed Band was playing the Trash Kat to classic rock covers on local gigs. Residual disability aside, since 2002 he and his mother, Jane, have been building and selling Trash Kat drums to drummers across the USA through their Brunswick Hills, Ohio enterprise, ThunderEcho Drum Company.

The Trash Kat drum is usually added to a standard drum kit as a floor tom, but has been compared to a surdo, gong drum, thunder drum and timpani depending on tuning and whether it is played with sticks, mallets or hands.

Kevin feels the drum shell's patented vertical corrugation provides the sonic keystone in producing the unique and thunderous sound of the Trash Kat drum.

The Kat's ever-increasing roster of elite drummers seems to agree. In just the past 12 months ThunderEcho added some heady endorsements. To kick off their summer tour, Adrian Young showcased three Trash Kats in No Doubt's first encores at the Borgata Hotel & Casino and while headlining the Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey. Rock legend, Carmine Appice, uses the Trash Kat in his theatrical percussion ensemble SLAMM! Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame Inductee, Dame Evelyn Glennie brought one back to the UK. Will Calhoun of Living Colour recently purchased a Trash Kat drum from New York City's Drummer's World. The Kat is even heard on Keith Urban's latest hit album, "Defying Gravity," thanks to Academy of Country Music Award Winner and studio percussionist, Eric Darken adding it to some tracks.

Kevin is now developing prototypes to expand the Trash Kat line of drums, while retaining their resonant sound and metallic appeal. Just as he continues to hone in on the ability side of disability.

For additional information about ThunderEcho Drum Company or Kevin Reed, please call Jane Garson Reed 330.225.1488 or visit www.ThunderEchoDrums.com. The Trash Kat 20-inch floor tom is available for purchase in the continental USA from ThunderEcho Drum Co. by phone, fax or as a special order from music retailers or online merchants. "ThunderEcho" and "Trash Kat" are trademarks of the ThunderEcho Drum Co. The Trash Kat drum is patented.

About ThunderEcho Drum Company:
The ThunderEcho Drum Company is located in Brunswick Hills, Ohio, with a mailing address of Medina, Ohio. The company was founded in 2001 by Kevin Reed and his Mother, Jane. Kevin, a traumatic brain injury survivor, began developing the urban-looking Trash Kat drum as a vocational rehabilitation project while recovering from a catastrophic work injury and ensuing 75-day coma. ThunderEcho Drum Co. has been building and selling the Trash Kat drum nationally since 2001.