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Traps Magazine

The third issue of Traps Magazine features unpublished material on John Bonham plus soul-jazz pioneer Idris Muhammad and conga legend Candido Camero.

As previously announced in "Traps Swings To Success", the magazine's premiere issue was well received in music stores, and in outlets such as Barnes & Noble and Borders. TRAPS is well positioned for growth, with support from advertisers in the $1.25 billion* percussion instruments industry (*based on estimates from Music Trades magazine and the American Music Conference.)

The Bonzo Bible In Eight Chapters
The Bonham cover story is a montage of contributions by many writers and editors. The main story comes from the archives of Chris Welch, a Melody Maker reporter during the '60s and a friend of Bonham, who interviewed virtually every major band of that era. It's Welch who contributed the unpublished material throughout the story.

Welch's style gives the reader the feeling of being there and a sense of drum history as it was made by Bonzo. Describing his first view of Bonham, early on in his career at the Marquee Club, Welch writes in the preface (Pg. 30)  of the article: "We marveled at the sheer audacity, the sense of authority, the spatial awareness present on every track. Within moments, John Bonham's cataclysmic bass drum triplets and roaring snare rolls had signaled a new era of rock drumming."

"Bonham contributed so much to rock drumming that the entire Traps staff agreed that one writer would not do for the ultimate Bonham feature," said Phil Hood, publisher of Traps. "His career and story were so pivotal to the craft that we wanted to get difference perspestives. We knew that we wanted Welch for the unpublished stuff. Then it was decided to get Jon Cohan to dissect the famous Bonham drum sets and Karen Stackpole to interview the renowned engineer, Eddie Kramer, about Zep in the studio."

Additional contributors to the Bonzo story include: Jared Cobb, who interviews the Bonham family; and Traps Music editor, Wally Schnalle who provides transcription of famous Bonzo beats as well as analysis of why they sound so amazing.
"The result is a feast for fans old and new and is completely in line with our target audience," continued Hood. "Our editorial team succeeded in presenting the most compelling and comprehensive view of Bonham ever to be inked."

The Soul Jazz Inspiration
Could Idris Muhammad have played with Zep? Probably so, since the feature on this fine drummer discusses his ability to acclimate to any musical situation presented with, jazz, pop, rock and funk. But as many fine drummers from New Orleans admit, growing up in the birthplace of jazz is what really propelled his career. As writer Timothy Orr notes, "In every context his work has embodied the spirit of New Orleans and its mix of American jazz and African drumming, Latin beats and funky second-line rhythms." This ability has made him one of the most sampled drummers in hip-hop. The article is a must-read for all fans of New Orleans jazz.

Traps third issue also includes features on Cuban jazz legend Candido Camero, the innovations of drum industry manufacturers  Remo Belli (synthetic drumheads), Martin Cohen of Latin Percussion (hand percussion instruments) and Pro-Mark's Herb Brochstein (drumsticks), and a photo essay on Chicago's legendary Franks Drum Shop, which was the mecca for drummers in the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies. The issue hit the streets July 11th. In addition to its usual distribution outlets, this issue of Traps is being promoted July 26-27 at the industry's summer NAMM (North American Music Merchandisers) trade show in Austin, TX and in special promotions at the Books-A-Million Chain in the southern United States.

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