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Fish-ClappersWhile there is no question that Tycoon Percussion's rapid rise to become one of the world's elite hand percussion companies has been fueled by a combination of progressive designs, modern manufacturing, affordable pricing and expanding distribution, another essential element of the company's recent development has been its close involvement with many of the world's elite hand percussion artists. This collaboration has provided a variety of benefits— from increased visibility of Tycoon Percussion instruments on stages around the world to input on new designs, materials and finishes as well as real-world field-testing that ensures the optimum sound, performance and durability of Tycoon's professional percussion products.

This year Tycoon is introducing several new "Signature Series" hand percussion instruments developed in conjunction with its top endorsers, including Martin Verdonk's Las Vegas Tambourines, Cabasa-Shaker, Tri-Egg Shaker, Swing Shakes and Easy Shakes, and Robert Fishbone's wooden Fish clapper. Along with already broad assortment of premium-quality Signature instruments such as Ralph Irizarry's Timbales and Dancing Drum's African Drum Collection that have been released in previous years, these new instruments not only expand the range of available percussion sounds and advance instrument design, they are also an indication of Tycoon's ongoing commitment to supporting drummers and the growth of drumming worldwide.

"Great musicians have the ability to put their signatures on their music through their unique creative contributions," says Quincy Yu, GM of Tycoon Percussion. "At Tycoon, we acknowledge, respect and honor the artists who have helped us develop our Signature Series products and who, along with the thousands of drummers around the world that play Tycoon Percussion, have chosen to make our instruments part of their signature."

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