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Campers will form bands, rehearse, get schooled by rock and roll legends, and ultimately, in the finale, perform before a live audience in an iconic rock venue. Past counselors have included Roger Daltrey (pictured with The Who bandmate Pete Townshend), Steven Tyler, Slash, and Bill Wyman.

Each week, a surprise rock icon will drop in to train each band on a new aspect of becoming rock stars.

Rock ‘N' Roll Fantasy Camp takes place annually in London at Abbey Road Studios and Los Angeles. The series will be based in Los Angeles.

The TV concept is not entirely new: VH1 Classic visited the camp in 2005. Eric Sherman, now president of music management firm 10th Street Entertainment, helmed the network at that time and is still an adviser to camp founder David Fishof. He said the addition of Burnett should help dial the concept up to 11.

"I think it's a great step for the business of Rock ‘N' Roll Fantasy Camp and it's something we started almost a decade ago when I was with VH1 Classic," Sherman said.

"Rock ‘N' Roll Fantasy Camp has allowed musicians around the world to make their dreams a reality," Burnett said in a statement. "We are delighted to produce a series about this real-life process and work with the great team at VH1 Classic."

Lee Rolontz, EVP of original music production and development, VH1 and VH1 Classic, added in the statement: "We are very excited to team up with Mark Burnett Productions to bring our viewers an inside look at all of the excitement and intensity of Rock ‘N' Roll Fantasy Camp. Where else can you experience music fans living their dreams on stage next to legendary classic music artists?"

Fishof said in the same venue: "Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp has changed people's lives and this new alliance with Mark Burnett and VH1 Classic will enable viewers to see this in a very exciting way."

Executive producers for Mark Burnett Productions are Burnett and Lee Metzger. Fishof is an executive producer. Executive producers for VH1 Classic are Rolontz, Keshia Williams and Rick Krim.

Rock ’N’ Roll Fantasy Camp has been giving campers—regardless of their musical ability—the opportunity to live like rock stars and jam with their idols. Sessions take place annually in London (at Abbey Road Studios) and Los Angeles. The camp has also been held in New York and Las Vegas. For more on upcoming camps, visit www.rockcamp.com.