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William F. Ludwig III

Colin Hilborne of Prentice Practice Pads is pleased to announce that William F Ludwig III has accepted the position of marketing director for the Dana Park, CA. based company.

“I’ve known Bill for many years,” says Colin. “I roadied with the Faces / Elton John for many years when Bill was the Artist Relations guy for Ludwig in its days as a family business. I saw firsthand the kind of stuff he is made of. He once got us out of a jam by personally bringing gear from Chicago to New York City just in time for our show at Madison Square Garden.”

Ludwig literally grew up in the drum business. His grandfather and father guided the firm into the position of being the world’s largest drum company in two eras, the 1920s and the 1960s. Ludwig’s education in the percussion business began when he was a toddler, and included every aspect from purchasing raw materials to supervising the manufacturing process to marketing and customer support. When he joined Ludwig full-time, he specialized in marketing, advertising, and artist relations. He is perhaps best known for the series of artist photo posters he developed in the 1970s. Beginning with the “Stable of Stars” photo shoot, Ludwig gathered dozens of top Ludwig endorsers together for group photos. “Dad didn’t like the idea,” says Ludwig of the pre-photoshop group gatherings. “He let me do it anyhow, figuring he was giving me enough rope to hang myself. My artists rallied, though, and all came to Chicago on their own dimes. That first poster was such a hit that we did it several more times. Those posters are still circulating! They are included on a CD that comes with Rob Cook’s “The Ludwig Book.””

The appointment is noteworthy because Prentice is the first manufacturer that Ludwig has been associated with other than the Ludwig Drum Company. He left Ludwig shortly after his father sold the firm to Selmer in 1981, and worked outside the drum industry until several years ago when be became involved with NotSoModernDrummer magazine.

“I am thrilled to be working with Bill again,” says Colin. “He has always shown the greatest respect for his artists, for the percussion industry, and for his family name. He knows the drum business, but more importantly, he knows drummers. This is going to be fun.”